Thursday, May 21, 2009

Denise Pollis Testimonial

Ladies, I may have been the senior member of the class by about 30 years, but I can guarantee you no one had more fun or learned more than me! I could not have been paired with a warmer, more accepting and patient group of young people. What joy to see some parents are actually “doing it right” with and for their children in this day and age.

From the tour of the agency through our wrap-up and good-byes, this weekend was an experience I will never forget!!!!!!! Tang, Taz, and Megan at Charli’s were just super. Everyone loves my hair (as do I, of course)!

Friday afternoon, Sarah and Ameris could not have been more informative and professional while helping us relax and have FUN, too! I can only hope I made them proud.

On Saturday, Arthur, Collin, and Todd were amazing (each in more than one way). You know I cannot wait to see the pictures. I promise I will never look at or treat “merchandise” in the same way!

Christy, Alicia, Ameris, and you were real angels on Sunday! I was so nervous when I walked into the audition room, I thought it was going to be the first time I ever fainted! The Improv class and practice before may not have helped me produce a perfect performance, but at least, I stayed on my feet!

A special thanks for feeding me, too! Eating is not my favorite past-time, but I certainly enjoyed and appreciate the much needed sustenance.

Truly, I would be honored to represent and be represented by such a professional organization of dedicated people; but whatever the decision, you have given me three days of memories I will cherish forever. If you or any of the team need a place to stay in Dallas, our guestroom can be reserved via a simple phone call or e-mail (and I mean it!!!!!!).

My best and many hugs to all,
Denise Pollis

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