Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rickey Castleberry: 31 Degree's

Rickey to appear in upcoming movie, 31 Degree's!! Congrats to him, we are so proud!

He shared the following with us: "31 degree's is about two guys living in the struggle of being popular and not being able to be who they really want. I just started shooting last week and so far so good! Still filming and just loving it. Giving myself the opportunity to shine and do what I love."

Thomas Kijas - Valkyrie
Rickey Castleberry- Sonny With A Chance
Bart Johnson- High School Musical(s)
Amy Lyndon- NCIS, UGLY Betty and many more
Shayne Lamas (Lorenzo Lamas' Daughter)
Brittney Bomman (Christopher Atkins' Daughter)
Craig Lamar Traylor- Malcolm in The Middle
Anthony Fitzgerald - Scrubs

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