Monday, July 27, 2009

A Special Message from Page!

Dear Friends and Family:
I hope this e-mail finds you doing well! As you know, my husband, Bob and myself are avid supporters of Child Advocates, Inc,
a leading organization in the ongoing fight against child abuse. I currently serve on the board of directors, and three of our beautiful children were adopted from foster care. This cause is very near and dear to our hearts and because Child Advocates, Inc. does such a great job in making a difference in the lives of children in foster care, I would like you to join us in supporting the "25 for 25 Campaign."

In celebration of the volunteers who have served abused children through Child Advocates over the last 25 years, the 25 for 25 Campaign hopes to reach as many people as possible who will each make a $25 donation and ask at least 25 others to do the same.

Remember, for $25 you can fill your car with gas, get a manicure or take your date to the movies! But with that very $25 you can also provide a court appointed advocate to an abused child for one week! In fact, if you combine that gift with the donations of 25 other friends or family members, you can help a child find a safe and PERMANENT home! Together we can make a difference, and maybe one day, they will return the favor.

For additional information, and to donate, please see the information below or click here:

Thank you for your continued support!

With love,
Page and Bob

Gifts to Date : $15,665

Give $25 and then ask 25 others to do the same!

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