Monday, September 14, 2009

Page Parkes Secures Palais Royal Wardrobe for Upcoming TUTS Musical Hit!


It's here and the cast and crew are jumping for joy! TUTS' The Apprentice Conservatory Training at Theatre Under The Stars (ACT @ TUTS) presents the Southwest Regional Premiere of 13 , a new musical comedy about coming of age, teen traumas and junior high survival.

This The Academy at Theatre Under The Stars' Humphreys School of Musical Theatre (HSMT) presentation hits the Zilkha Hall stage at the Hobby Center for Performing Arts downtown, September 11 & 12, 2009.

In order to get the perfect typical teenage look just right, TUTS turned to Palais Royal for the onstage wardrobes of the cast. Jubilee on 19th Street in the Heights also helped provide wardrobe much to the delight of the female leads. Walking into the TUTS studios filled with clothes for the fittings by Palais Royal and Jubilee, one cast member exclaimed, "Now I really feel like a star!"

Kim Bell, Manager of Special Projects for Palais Royal said "As a retailer, Palais Royal's involvement with TUTS is really the first of its kind and we're so excited about this opportunity! To be able to wardrobe the cast of a nationally recognized stage production like 13 is something relatively unheard of since most musicals and plays are period pieces and require applicable costumes. Palais Royal is delighted to support TUTS and their production of 13. Break a leg!"

Once again, thank you Houston as we are completely sold-out! Feel free to call 713.558.TUTS to see if there are any cancellations.

Theatre Under The Stars' sponsors of 13 are the Cullen Trust for the Performing Arts, Palais Royal, Jubilee and the Immanuel & Helen B Olshan Foundation, who graciously provided scholarships for HSMT Students throughout the year.

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