Monday, November 30, 2009

Amy Mueller: Page Parkes Alum

My main occupation is modeling. Additional side careers are real estate and creating and developing a gourmet cookie and milk delivery business, That's Sweet, here in Dallas.

I know my time with Page Parkes helped me prepare for my various careers. I am very thankful! It taught me to be a self-starter and to always put my best foot forward. As a model you are the product! At an early age I learned to deal with one of the hardest things we all deal with in life, rejection. As a 14 year old girl you don't understand why you are not always liked and picked for everything. It taught me to have a tough skin in the best way possible, while maintaining my feminine softness. To model for years, and to work in the residential and commercial real estate world, as well as having developed a successful business, I had to have a tough skin. It also, taught me to go for whatever I wanted to go for! The worst that could happen is you get a no! You'll surprise yourself if you just try!

I love the agency that I started with-Christopher was answering phones, Margarite was working print, and Peggy was booking runway. Those were the days! And OF COURSE PAGE! Through the agency I met some amazing people. I have to say my favorite was Joan Wilson from Neiman Marcus. She was tough, but her thoroughness and high expectations taught me so much. I would spend hours (if it wasn't hours, it sure seemed like it) walking the hall outside of her office to perfect a runway walk. I would also watch hours of footage from runway shows around the world. We didn't have the handy, dandy internet at that time! She was awesome. She intimidates me to this day! She's very talented, and I am thankful to her for teaching me so much.

I have several favorite places my job has taken me...a vineyard in Oregon (smashing grapes in a big oak barrel like Lucy), to the big island of Hawaii (learning how to hula dance), to wonderful places in Mexico. I have seen the United States, as well as the world. I lived in Barcelona, Spain for a time. Not only have I gotten to go to great places, I have also learned about other cultures along the way.

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