Monday, November 30, 2009

Amy Wells, PP Alum Interview with PPC

PPC: What is your main occupation these days?
AW: I am currently a sales rep for John Hardy

PPC: So you think your time with Page Parkes helped prepare you for your career?
AW: Yes!

PPC: How so?
AW: Page Parkes taught me to be able to sell myself and a brand. The PPC taught me to play the part and look the part and be a strong and beautiful woman inside and out.

PPC: Do you have a favorite person/experience that you met/had through the Page Parkes Corporation?
AW: Page. She taught me that I will always sell myself better than any picture.

PPC: Where was the coolest place you have traveled?
AW: South Africa. For a girl from Louisiana, it was like traveling to another world. It was something I will never forget.

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