Thursday, March 11, 2010

CHECK OUT WHAT'S HOT: Ashley LaCamp Signs with IMG Models!

Congrats to Ashley Lacamp! She just signed with IMG Models yesterday and our Dallas office caught up with her over the phone.

So congrats on signing with IMG!
They actually told me straight up they wanted to sign me! I was so excited and I had the biggest smile on my face!

So what's next?
I've been asked to stay to test this weekend and possibly next week since it's my spring break. I will come up during the rest of the school year and test to build up my book before this summer. This summer, I'll live up there with my uncle and work and hopefully work with their Milan, London, and Paris agencies!

What is your dream modeling job?
Hopefully an ad that makes it in W or Vogue...I've always wanted to be one of the girls in those designer ads!

How did the Page Parkes Model and Acting Camp help you prepare you for where you are now - an IMG model!!!
Well first off, the Page crew had me start parting my hair in the middle, so that I could look more model-like. They helped me realize a lot of getting work as a model is personality! Agencies won't work as hard for you if you're all stuck up and what not, so I try to keep it positive.

Advice to new girls out there who want to model?
Be prepared to deal with the whole weight issue. I've always had to deal with it and clients have told me before that I'm too big for the clothes. My advice is to be yourself, eat healthy and don't take it's just the business.

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