Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Testimonial from Television & Print Camper: Lori Anne Luera

Good afternoon!

I had a fantastic time Saturday at TVPC and Sunday on my photo shoot.

The staff on both days were so professional, upbeat, and informative. I would like to give recognition to four people in particular.

Wendy Martin presented herself on Saturday morning to a tried group of children, teens, and adults with radiance and energy that quickly caught the attention of the room. Skin care is not an interesting subject for everyone, however every person in the room was genuinely paying attention and learning from her. Wendy presented the cosmetic products with precise knowledge of the product lines, the individual products, application techniques, and the importance of cleaning brushes and changing sponges. I can attest that even the teenage boys walked out knowing how to choose their concealer and powder and apply them appropriately. On Sunday I was very pleased that Wendy was at the studio to apply my makeup and style my hair. I have never felt as beautiful as I did that day. Wendy explained to me exactly what she was doing with the makeup, asked for input for my hair, and asked if I liked what she had done. I was never made to feel that she was the expert (and she is) and I was to sit and be quiet. Wendy was also very good with the children. They appeared to enjoy their time with her.

Mandi Friestad surprised me with her wardrobe selection. I was very pleased with the wardrobe that was pulled. Armed with only my measurements and possibly my hair and eye colors, Mandi managed to put together clothing that not only suited my body type, but also complemented my figure and the colors made my features pop. I observed each person that she had dressed and if it were not for being with them at Select Studios, I would have thought the parents had chosen the perfect outfits for their children and the other adult woman looked as if she had spent time shopping for herself. Mandi was patient with the children and worked well with everyone. She did well incorporating the wardrobe she had pulled with the clothing others had brought along with them.

Arthur Garcia was great to work with. He was happy and upbeat, and gave instruction to me when needed. I was very aware that he had worked with seasoned models, yet I felt at ease and never inferior. I enjoyed watching him interact with the children and bring out their laughter when otherwise they would have had blank expressions on their little faces. Arthur was good to pay compliments while photographing me, which as you know is not only nice to hear but also encouraging.

Eric Jackson from Blue Mambo was great. I have been on the search for a trustworthy and knowledgeable stylist. I have found that in Eric. I was nervous as to what he was going to do with my hair on Friday, but was quickly put at ease by his disposition. He knew what would look best for my hair and how to manage my texture. I referred a colleague and friend to Blue Mambo, and the word is quickly spreading around my office.

Although Sunday was a busy day for everyone involved, I never felt rushed, pushed, or herded. Any and all questions were answered with smiles and understanding. Photopsing was easy because I knew I looked flawless from head to toe, and I did not have to think of anything other than enjoying myself in front of the camera. I am glad that I had the chance to see children being prepped and photographed. I myself am a parent of a child that is almost 11. I know exactly how trying children can be. Never once did I see one of the children look fearful of who they were working with, or seem scared to approach any adult. Each child was treated with respect and patience. I would trust my daughter to be in the hands of the staff. I cannot tell you enough how much I enjoyed my experience and I encourage anyone who is interested in entering this industry to seek out the guidance offered by the staff of Page Parkes. It is an educational experience and truly sets the standards for what one should expect.

Thank you for the experience and I look forward to the work that is to come.


Lori Anne Luera

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