Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Amazing Camp Quotes!

Check the amazing feedback we received from our recent camp!

About classes: “They were great at getting me to relax and come into my own.”

Overall impression: “Page Parkes exceeded my expectations tenfold. They made me so comfortable and filled me with amazingly useful knowledge for my future!”

– Amanda Dutton

“It was very fun and people were very helpful.”

“I liked Nickey, very enthusiastic and fun. Sara was hilarious and very helpful.”

– Isis Muniz

About instructors: “Awesome!”

About shoot: “Very awesome! Felt very comfortable. Had fun.”

Overall impression: “Opened my eyes to my abilities. Creating truth and chemistry between strangers.”

“Fun/easy going/great teachers/good chemistry”

-Adam Stelly

“Learned a lot from great teachers.”

“Nickey was great and helpful.”

Overall: “Leaving, I feel more experienced than before I came. I want to take the knowledge and run with it.”

-Amanda Stout

About instructors: “They were awesome.”

Overall impression: “Page Parkes has the most memorable staff and learning system. I loved it.”

-Gage Hernandez

About shoot: “Awesome!! I had a blast. Everyone made it very comfortable. Very at ease. I loved the outfits I was in. Would love to do it again.”

“I loved Nickey! She is awesome. Fabulous woman. Would love to work with her again[…]She was comfortable to work with, very fun and exciting. Love her personality.”

Overall: “Love the experience. It was good to me to learn that much at once. Helps me learn. I had a blast.”

“A wonderful experience!”

-Kristen Simons

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