Monday, August 16, 2010

Page Parkes Has Some Happy Model Campers!

As always we are overjoyed to hear amazing feedback from our campers, check out some quotes from last weekends camp!

“I enjoyed my experience here and loved making new friends with everyone in the program.”

– Angela Shackelford

“I learned so much at this camp. It was extremely helpful. It was a lot of fun too.”

– Ali Murray

Comments on instructors: “Amazing! Very helpful and supportive. They helped me improve myself and I learned a lot.”

Overall camp experience: “Better than expected. I loved it. The staff and my fellow students were just the nicest people! I was nervous about coming. I thought everyone would be stuck-up, but it wasn’t like that at all.”

– Kate Toy

Comments on instructors: “They were great, really nice and super helpful. I wouldn’t have performed as well without their help.”

Comments on shoot: “The shoot was so much fun. Everyone was super nice and I had a really great time.”

Overall camp experience: “I loved the training and would do it all over again.”

-Katie West

Comments on instructors: “They were all great and very informative. Every class was fun and I learned so much.”

Overall camp experience: “I felt very comfortable and felt like I was in my own element. I learned so much in just a few days about modeling and myself.”

-Sam Bright

“Confidence. I came into camp thinking ‘why am I here’ and I am now leaving thinking ‘let’s do this!’”

– Kirk Richards

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