Wednesday, November 03, 2010

PP Talent Wendi Motte in "Eye of the Hurricane"

Page Parkes Talent, Wendi Motte will appear in "Eye of the Hurricane," a family drama about members of a small Florida Everglades community struggling to put their lives back together after a devastating hurricane.

Wendi's character is "Abby Nelson". Wendi is one of the Principle Lead characters. Abby is Homer's best friend and throughout the entire movie they are on a journey to search for his eye that got knocked out by a tree limb during a hurricane in Florida. Abby is the sensible voice of reason for Homer and she is a tough cookie that stands for him when the neighborhood bullies try to pick at him throughout the movie.

Wendi stars in this film directed by Jesse Wolfe. She performs with actors such as Campbell Scott of "Royal Pains", Jose Zuniga of "Twilight"; Melanie Lynskey, of "Two and a Half Men"; Bryan Dole-Murray of "SpongeBob Square Pants", and many more.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely love Wendi, I can't wait to see this movie. :-)

Anonymous said...

Hey Wendi, congratulations. We have been following you since you were 4 years old with Page Parkes. You were in an Ad for Foleys. Can't wait to see the movie. Best of Luck always.

Anonymous said...

God is truly blessing you –
stay grounded in all that you do I know you will with the parents that you have-
you are an awesome figure of faith and a special example of a good kid-

Your Tabbut