Friday, February 25, 2011

It's Oscar Friday on Access Hollywood & Former PP Model Kalyn Hemphill will be a Guest!

Former PP model Kalyn Hemphill will be on Access Hollywood TODAY for an Oscar dress segment. Be sure and watch! Locally it is on at 11 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. again. If you are not local, check the link below for times…..and just in case you miss the segment, it might be repeated again over the weekend!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

From Hollywood to Houston!

Kris Kyer knows a thing or two about sitting in the director's chair, and after coaching thousands in Hollywood, he made a pit stop in Houston to give a workshop to some of the PP students! Everyone had a blast a learned a lot of great techniques to apply during auditions! We are looking forward to next years visit!

From Fashion Oops to Fashion Do's!

PP Models Jessica Kuo and Hannia Cardenas appear on Mirror Mirror to help everyone with the most common fashion dont's! Check it out below and take some tips!

Friday, February 18, 2011

PP Talent Marcus DeAnda to work with Courtney Cox on Cougar Town!

Page Parkes Talent Marcus DeAnda will be appearing on the May 11th episode of Cougar Town with Courtney Cox on ABC!

He will be playing the character of "Nestor" who is "Andy Torres" brother played by Ian Gomez. Even better, he got to work Ian’s real life wife, Nia Vardalos, from "My Big Fat Greek Wedding." She played Marcus’ sexy wife who has the hots for his brother.

Marcus also did an episode of "Kidnap and Rescue" a show on the Discovery Channel and just had the opportunity to do two different voices in a theatrical cartoon called "Mia and the Magoo." It was originally a French cartoon but it’s now to be released in the U.S. Whoopi Goldberg also did some voice work on that!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Help PP Model Kalyn Hemphill Attend the OSCARS!

Models of the Runway winner and PP Alum/model Kalyn Hemphill is competing in yet another designers challenge for a chance to attend the Oscars on Sunday, February 27. Click below and check out the video of Kalyn (model #9) for more details and be sure to vote!


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

What do Blake Lively & Leighton Meester have in common with PP model Ashley LaCamp?

They will all be on GOSSIP GIRL!!

PP model and former Model Camper Ashley LaCamp, who recently signed with CLICK in New York, has already met with Gwen Stefani regarding her line "LAMB" and just recently scored a role on GOSSIP GIRL as an extra! She will be appearing on the show as a princess! We are so excited for Ashley and look forward to more great news as she takes New York by storm!

"The Full Tatum"

PP Alum Channing Tatum was recently featured in GQ mag!
Jessica Pressler of GQ says "Channing Tatum is crazy. That's not an epithet. That's his life's motto. Don't believe us? We invite you to spend twenty-four hours deep in the California desert (bring some tequila and a sleeping bag) with probably America's most fun movie star."

Want to see what else she had to say about Channing and what happened in the desert?

Monday, February 14, 2011

PP Model Jessica Kuo's First Cover UNVEILED!

PP Model Jessica Kuo recently shot her first cover with Life + Dog Mag and it was unveiled TODAY! Be sure to RSVP to the launch party so you can check out the 5-page spread. Invite is below and there are only a few spots left! Happy Valentine's Day!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Texas Valentine's Day Inspirations!

Check out PP Model Hannia Cardenas in this Valentine's Bridal Photo Shoot 01/2011

Photographer: Cassie Schott
MU/Hair: Tree Vaello
Stationary: Paper Blvd. Design by Jennifer Khachaturian

Want to see more of the shoot? Click here!

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

PP Alum Channing Tatum on Lopez Tonight!

Catch this fun-filled video of PP Alum Channing Tatum chatting it up with George Lopez last night about how he got started in the industry. He mentions his start with Page Parkes and some of his first bookings! (fast forward to around 8:15-9:15 for PP shoutout!)

Thursday, February 03, 2011

PP Talent in Superbowl Commercial!

PP Talent Justin Smith was recently booked for a NFL PSA with Tony Romo! The commercial will be airing this SUNDAY night during the SUPERBOWL! How amazing!!

Be sure to watch out for him!

PP Model Nida Khurshid Shoots for the Cover of Yellow Mag!

Nida scored the cover of Yellow Magazine- check her out in the February 2011 issue today!!!

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Employee Spotlight: Meet Brooke Deklavs!

We're excited to kick off a new behind-the-scenes series where we will spotlight a Page Parkes employee each month. Welcome Brooke Deklavs, our newest agent in the Houston office!

Talent Agent at Page.713

I work with the talent division- Commercial, TV, and Film and the Kids Division. I work on castings all across the US- from LA, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio, New Orleans, New York, etc. I'm responsible for submitting on castings, making sure the talent arrive prepared, and always reaching out to new clients. Basically, I am the liaison between the casting director and the talent- protecting the talent as well as accommodating the casting director.

As an agent here at Page Parkes - 6 months. I worked as a model with Page Parkes for 8 years and then moved to LA and signed with Osbrink for modeling. I loved my experience on the talent side in LA, but I had always had an interest in being an agent. After a few years of modeling and acting there, I was given the opportunity to work at The Osbrink Agency on the other side of the business and loved it. My husband's job brought us back to Texas and brought me home to Page Parkes.

YOU HAVE YOUR RADAR ON?My favorite are the ones that want to be successful and are willing to make the sacrifices and commitment it takes to be successful- like those that respond quickly, continue training, say "yes" to castings, and are available to travel even on short notice.

When I first started, the agency staff thought I was too soft spoken, so they made me get on the intercom and start paging people. I couldn't stop laughing, and I still laugh every time I think about it.

First, I always look at someone's resume and their training. Second, someone who walks into the audition with confidence, has a great personality, and nails their audition. I also look for talent who have a schedule that can accommodate last minute and/or out of town castings. People who are eager to take advice and listen are also top on the list.

SUCCESS STORY:Any booking is so much fun to work on- being able to call the talent and let them know their hard work paid off and they booked the job is a great feeling. One of my favorite success stories is of Gavin Reyna. He was brand new to the agency, and we submitted him for a role as Zac Efron's nephew in a feature film. After sending in a tape to casting and flying to New Orleans for the callback, he booked the job! It was his first on camera booking, and he was so excited. It's one of my favorite stories because it shows how hard work and training really pay off.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Cirque de la Soiree Fashion Show

18 models booked exclusively through PP!

Photos: Valentino Mauricio / Beaumont

Meet Dan Carter- PP Photographer!

How long have you been in the business? How long working with Page Parkes? I have been a photographer for 34 years and met Page Parkes in 1981 just a few months after she opened her Agency.

What jump started your career or made you want to do photography? I was living in Sao Paulo, Brazil and had some conversations with John Casablancas who had just opened Elite models in New York. He had lived in Brazil and advised me to get involved with photography to help out a newly formed Brazilian Modeling Agency. He gave me some interesting tips on how to shoot and I started from there.

What has been your favorite photoshoot that you have done with us and why? I shot the first Model Test Board (the predecessor of Model Camp) and the the first Model Camp. These 2 shoots were a lot of fun. We tried many new ideas, and there were some very creative people involved. (Sorry those shoots were shot with film and I no longer maintain any film files, but here are some I've shot most recently!)

Isabella Gresswell

Addison White

What do you suggest (pointers/advice) to first timers shooting with you? How do you connect with people you are shooting? First I suggest that any new model practice posing in front of a mirror at home prior to the actual shoot. Practice body angles and a full range of expressions. This way once they begin the actual shoot they have a pretty good idea of how they look. Kind of like practicing a speech before actually giving the speech. I connect by first getting a feel for the models level of confidence. If they seem tense I try joking with them to get them to relax. Usually after the first 10 or 15 camera clicks they are moving freely and need less and less direction.

If you could shoot for any model/talent who would it be and why? No question here....Gwyneth Paltrow....maybe the most beautiful and talented girl on the planet!

Check out for more of his latest work!