Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Meet Dan Carter- PP Photographer!

How long have you been in the business? How long working with Page Parkes? I have been a photographer for 34 years and met Page Parkes in 1981 just a few months after she opened her Agency.

What jump started your career or made you want to do photography? I was living in Sao Paulo, Brazil and had some conversations with John Casablancas who had just opened Elite models in New York. He had lived in Brazil and advised me to get involved with photography to help out a newly formed Brazilian Modeling Agency. He gave me some interesting tips on how to shoot and I started from there.

What has been your favorite photoshoot that you have done with us and why? I shot the first Model Test Board (the predecessor of Model Camp) and the the first Model Camp. These 2 shoots were a lot of fun. We tried many new ideas, and there were some very creative people involved. (Sorry those shoots were shot with film and I no longer maintain any film files, but here are some I've shot most recently!)

Isabella Gresswell

Addison White

What do you suggest (pointers/advice) to first timers shooting with you? How do you connect with people you are shooting? First I suggest that any new model practice posing in front of a mirror at home prior to the actual shoot. Practice body angles and a full range of expressions. This way once they begin the actual shoot they have a pretty good idea of how they look. Kind of like practicing a speech before actually giving the speech. I connect by first getting a feel for the models level of confidence. If they seem tense I try joking with them to get them to relax. Usually after the first 10 or 15 camera clicks they are moving freely and need less and less direction.

If you could shoot for any model/talent who would it be and why? No question here....Gwyneth Paltrow....maybe the most beautiful and talented girl on the planet!

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