Tuesday, March 29, 2011

PP Talent are Out of This World!

Lunch With An Astronaut from Space Center Houston on Vimeo.

Space Center Houston is now proud to offer you and your family an extraordinary opportunity to spend the afternoon with an astronaut. This casual event gives you the opportunity to hear first hand stories from a NASA astronaut while enjoying a cosmic lunch prepared by our award winning catering staff.

Visit for more information.

Here are Page Parkes Talent on Space Center's commercial, it's quite a few, so be sure to check them out!!!

Brynn Beckner

Jenna Christoffel

Lily Vo

Ethan Dabney

Travion Williams

Christian Coe

Alex Archer

Rio De Robertson

Amber Nunnery

Grace Powell

Josh Loux

Precious Morris

Raquel Torres

Justin Smith

Angel Hensen

LeRoy Reese

Lee Nichols

PP Talent Brynn Beckner Test Shoot with Maxine Helfman

PP Talent Brynn Beckner recently did a test shoot with Dallas photographer, Maxine Helfman, and Brynn had some amazing things to say. She said...and we quote,
"This was the best day of my life! Well, one of them anyway."

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Longhorn Luxe Covers Fashion Houston!

Click on the link to check out the Longhorn Luxe blog and see below for her special edition interview with Bambi Lynn Ramsey!

An interview with Bambi Lynn Ramsey

Bambi Lynn Ramsey and Cesar Galindo - power team
Fashion Houston 2010.

I first met her son. He could pull off scarves better than some Burberry models. He was gorgeous, tall, Italian, and in my Chemistry class.
His name was Michael, and we quickly became friends.
He occasionally mentioned “the family diner”, his mom’s travels, Page Parkes, and his modeling. Who was this boy? How was he able to pull of skinny jeans amongst so many khakis and polos?
And to be an amazing athlete too - soccer, baseball, and basketball?
Talk about well rounded.
And then I met his mom.

I used to see her up at the school – dropping off lunches, volunteering, filling out forms – and always looking effortlessly chic.
She was the stilettos in a sea of sweats and soccer moms.
Bambi Lynn would sweep through the halls as if she had just come off the streets of New York – which she probably had as I would later find out.
We could tell there was something special about her, her family.
Rumors would float. Did they really own Avalon Diner? Were the whole family really models? How did they know Page Parkes?
And who was dressing Michael for school?
Years later and I've finally got the scoop.

When I got the chance to interview Bambi Lynn I was thrilled. Who wouldn’t be? Finally I cold pry into the life of one of the most accomplished, and perfectly accessorized Houstonians to be found inside the loop. And the best part?
Bambi Lynn is an untold story.
Her involvement and achievements kept quiet by her humbleness and generosity.

For Bambi Lynn, her career started at birth. Literally.
While the rest of us were playing hopscotch and jumping rope, she was making a name for herself on the Houston stage.
Starting at only age three, she was modeling for local Houston businesses, going to open auditions and appearing on both the runway and in print.
In addition to modeling, she was dancing at Jones Hall and acting at the Playhouse Theatre.
How’s that for a childhood?
Not only was Bambi Lynn a model and performer, she was a teacher and entrepreneur as well.
At age 16, Bambi Lynn started teaching modeling classes to train her friends and family. And would you believe me if I told you that one of Bambi Lynn’s first students was her cousin, Page Parkes of Page Parkes Modeling, herself?
Yes, they are family.
Isn’t that a match made in Houstonite heaven?

Following her college education at HBU, Bambi Lynn worked for JRP of Houston as a model instructor. Traveling with models back and forth from New York and LA, she built strong connections outside of Texas while spreading her talent to various markets.

After leaving JRP, Bambi Lynn joined her cousin Page following the creation of her company. Using her extensive knowledge and experience, she re-wrote the training curriculum that is still used at Page Parkes today. It is safe to say that Bambi Lynn’s work and talent is at the very core of Page Parkes’ success and brilliance. Twenty-nine years later, she still works side by side with Page to keep Page Parkes the leader in model training and development.

In addition to her work with Page Parkes, Bambi Lynn manages her newly launched fashion production company: BLiNC by Bambi Lynn.
Joining Bambi Lynn is Eric Renee Garza, public relations genius and consultant extraordinaire. Together the two bring years of experience and a true passion for the industry.
BLiNC is “fashion in motion”, using every angle to bring the art of fashion to life.
Bambi Lynn has produced shows in Houston, Dallas, Austin, Los Angeles, and New York for both fashion designers and independent organizations.
BLiNC offers fashion/show production, styling and model development, speaking engagements, personal styling, and personalized shopping trips.
Yes, you could shop and travel with Bambi Lynn herself!
Can you imagine a personalized shopping trip in New York with styling and wardrobe consulting?
Dreams do come true!

Could this woman’s career get any better?
Well, yes, and it happened last October.

If you have been anywhere in the past few months, you have heard about Fashion Houston 2010, Houston’s very own, first ever, fashion week presented by AUDI.
For most unassuming Houstonians, the only names associated with the event were the designers, but did we ever stop to ask whose idea this was? Who decided it was time to give credit to Houston’s blossoming talent and industry?
Well ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to divulge that one of the masterminds behind its creation was none other than our leading lady Bambi Lynn.
With collaboration and help from Jared Lang of AUDI, the President of Fashion Houston, the idea was hatched.
I know, I know, you are confused.
Didn’t see her name in print? Only heard about the large corporate sponsors? Were too busy sipping on Blue Lala’s and drooling over Siriano’s collection to inquire?
I forgive you.
But listen up, it’s time you get the facts straight.
Like the start of many great things: America, sororities, your bachelorette party, the idea formed amongst a small group of inspired and dedicated people. With hard work and vision, it grew into something truly great.
And who were select few? The inner circle?
None other than Jared Lang of Audi, Cesar Galindo –Houstonite turned New York designer god, and Bambi Lynn.

Now don’t be na├»ve, these things don’t just happen overnight, or without boundless support. Houston’s glory day couldn’t have arrived without a multitude of well-manicured helping hands: Erica Renee Garza, Neal Hamil, Page Parkes, Rob Rutherford, Nancy Marcus Golden, Cara Morales, Vision Production Group, and L.D. Systems to name a few. For Bambi Lynn, Fashion Houston 2010 was the perfect debut for BLiNC by Bambi Lynn, showcasing Bambi’s talent, creativity, and dedication to the industry.

And what about the diner you ask?
It’s true; Avalon Diner is owned by Bambi Lynn and her husband, Coy
Not only does she rule the modeling and fashion scene in our city, she feeds you too. And not just anything, the best.
Using local fresh ingredients and eggs from her family farm, Avalon Diner dedicates itself to serving only the highest quality home cooked comfort food.
"Justly famous since 1938", it’s the sense of tradition and delicious menu that has kept Avalon an irreplaceable Houston favorite.

I don’t know about you, but if I owned one of Houston’s oldest landmark diners, developed Page Parkes model training, fraternized with the elite inner couture clique, and produced Houston’s first fashion week, I would make sure everyone knew about it. Maybe that’s just me, but that’s not Bambi Lynn. She is humble and unassuming to a fault.

Perhaps people like Bambi Lynn are here to remind us why we are in love with Houston – its history, talent, influence, and people. And to remind us that no matter what our successes, we must remain loyal to our family, give back to our city, and remember those who have helped us along the way.
Bambi Lynn is a leader with an incredible wardrobe, and an even better heart.
And isn’t that exactly what we need? Someone dedicated to “bringing the world of fashion to Houston, and Houston to the world”.
I couldn’t think of anyone better.

check it out! -
i love the logo - isn't the eyelash cute?

i love houston.

Page Parkes Fashion Agent, Ericka Perdue to Guest Judge!

The Houston Texans want YOU at Cheerleader Tryouts presented by Miller Lite on Saturday, April 9th. Page Parkes Fashion Agent, Ericka Perdue, will be a guest judge, so come show what you’ve got! Visit for information and to register. This is your time to shine!

Friday, March 11, 2011

PP Talent Mike Chabala on MTV!

Our talent, Dynamo's player Mike Chabala on MTV Made....

He comes in right at 29:44

Way to go, Mike!!

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Meet TCU's next TOP GRAD!

PP Talent John Devereaux just checked in with us and had some exciting news to share! He has been filming a reality show in which he is a contestant. Its called "Top Grad" and can be seen on Check it out below! The show's second episode is up and they are currently filming the fourth episode!

Scientist, Musician, Model...Renaissance Man!

Check out the amazing article written by the Houston Chronical about Don!

Don Vaughn studies the brain by day, plays the drums at clubs by night

By JOY SEWING Copyright 2011 Houston Chronicle

Nick de la Torre : Chronicle

Don Vaughn is his real name. It's so similar to the legendary fictional character Don Juan, it makes people smile at introduction.

"It was my dad's idea," Vaughn says.

The 24-year-old's name isn't his only standout feature.

Vaughn is a modern-day Renaissance guy. The Stanford University graduate who studied physics and economics now works as a neuroscientist at Baylor College of Medicine full time and toils as a fashion model and club drummer after hours.

"I believe in using all sides of the brain," says Vaughn, a native of San Diego. "It's all about self-expression. I study the science of how the brain works, then I can use the creative side in drumming."

After graduation, Vaughn moved to Houston to work for renowned neuroscientist David Eagleman and his Laboratory for Perception and Action at Baylor. The lab's mission is to understand how the brain works and how it matters for society.

But as passionate as Vaughn is about science, he's equally moved by the drums.

At age 13, he started playing the drums and got hooked after a girl in his middle school said drumming was "cute." His mother got him a drum set to encourage him to stop tapping on the dinner plates.

Now, Vaughn is becoming a regular on the club and bar scene, playing alongside local DJs up to three nights a week. He's also building his own drum set out of acrylic globes that will light up when tapped.

"Drumming fits with my math and science background in a weird way," he said. "Drumming really is a lot of math — beats and rhythms. I'm counting out beats for everyone to jam to, and there's a lot synergy in that."

Last summer Vaughn started modeling with Page Parkes Models. He had the idea to play the drums at fashion shows while the models walk the runway.

"There's nothing more live than a drum performance. I pour everything into it. Even my outfits (jeans and hip T-shirts) are part of the drumming performance."

That he's able to mix science, music and fashion into his career is a blessing, he said.

"Science is about reason, not emotion," he said, "But no one wants to hear about a logical drummer. It's all about emotion and passion, so I'm glad I can mix it all together."