Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Chelsea Morgensen AR Testomonial

Chelsea Morgensen shares her experience at the 2011 Agent Review-

"When i first got the opportunity to participate in Agent Review, i was extremely excited! I immediately started to get everything prepared. I went shopping for outfits to wear and started increasing my workouts. This was all very new to me, especially the acting part, which I was uncertain about since I have never tried acting before. I had to go to a few acting classes at Page Parkes and boy did they help! After starting classes, i fell in love with acting and knew it would be a part of my future along with my passion for modeling. Next, I chose my monologue, which I absolutely loved acting out, and went shopping for the perfect shoes to go with my outfits.

When the weekend for Agent Review was finally here and my monologue and my wardrobe selections have been approved, I felt like I was in a dream! I couldn't believe I was going to be a part of this amazing experience and possibly be able to meet all the amazing agents who were brought in by Page Parkes to see us! When I arrived to the hotel that weekend, i felt butterflies in my stomach, the day was almost here! It was so hard to sleep at night because I was so excited and couldn't wait for everything to start, but I tried my best and was able to go to sleep early and get plenty of rest for the exciting day!

In the morning when I woke up, I had all the energy in the world! I couldn't wait to get started! I got ready for the acting part of Agent Review and went down stairs to wait in line! I kept feeling butterflies the whole time I was waiting and couldn't wait for it to be my turn! Finally, the time had come. I was next in line. I was so anxious to walk into the room and perform my monologue! When I walked in, I was greeted with a hello by a few of the agents. Then I stood there on the platform, I slated and then started to act! Next up, getting my make-up and hair done for runway. When I was all ready I went to the room and waited 'til it was my turn to go out there and do my thing on the runway! As I was waiting I looked around at all the other models that were there to have this amazing experience, and I felt so lucky and fortunate to be one of them! It was so much fun and I got a major adrenaline rush! After everything on Saturday was over, I called all my friends to let them know how it went! They were all so excited for me and supported me 100%!

I was so anxious that night for it to be Sunday already so that I could see if I got any callbacks from any of the agents. I went down stairs with my mom for the Agent Panel and brunch. After the agents talked about what they were looking for, we all took turns getting our food to eat. I didn't eat much because I was too excited! After we all ate, they started calling us in numerical order to pick up our callback sheet. I had a younger friend there who turned 12 that day, Catherine Kennedy who everyone calls my "mini me". She did absolutely amazing that weekend. She participated in acting and modeling as well. Her group of numbers were called before mine, so she got her callback sheet before I did and she got 8 callbacks! I was so happy, proud and excited for her! She is definitely going to get places in life! Then they called my group of numbers, I immediately stood up and started speed walking out the door! I was so excited to find out if I got any callbacks! When I picked up my sheet, I walked over to where my mom was standing and opened it up. To my surprise I got 30 callbacks total! 23 for fashion and seven for acting! I was so excited, surprised and speechless!! Words cannot explain what I was feeling! My mom's jaw dropped! We were extremely excited!! We started jumping up and down, and I was so excited I was shaking! Of course the first thing I did was hug my mom and then started texting ALL my friends to let them know!

Talking to all the agents I got callbacks from was so much fun! I enjoyed every minute of it! I learned a lot! Of course since I just started modeling, most of them told me I needed more development in my book, but they all said they really liked my look. A few of the agencies for acting even wanted me to send them a tape and possibly go see them this summer! Unbelievably I even already got one job for Academy Sports and Outdoors just a few days after Agent Review! So it was definitely worth it and paid off! All in all Agent Review was an amazing experience, and I am so honored and glad I got to be a part of it! I am so thankful for all the amazing people who work for Page Parkes who helped put this event together. The whole weekend I saw them running around getting things ready and making sure everything was perfect, and it was! They did such an amazing job! During this experience I also got to meet the one and only Page Parkes. I hadn't had the opportunity of meeting her and I finally got to that weekend. She was so sweet! When I said hi she threw her arms around me and gave me a big hug. It was so nice to see how genuine she was and see how much she cares about all her models and actors. Agent Review fulfilled all my expectations and even more! It was one of the best and exciting experiences of my life so far, and I can't wait to have many more opportunities like this!"

713News Covers PP 30 Year Anniversary!

PP Model Victoria Monette in Voguerista Entertainment!

PP + Francesca's

PP was so lucky to have the amazing Reps from Francesca's attend our PP Agent Review, below is a photo we snagged from their blog of Ericka Perdue (Page713 Booking Agent) and Trang (Francesca's)

PP Staff on AR Final Day!

After a long and successful weekend, the PP staffers pack up and are ready to get back to the grind at work! Now it's time to start planning Agent Review 2012!
Above (L to R) Brooke Deklavs, Sami Kocijan, PP Intern- Sara Broussard, Ericka Perdue,
and Ashley White

Richard Noiret's AR Sneak Peek Vid!

Check out this sneak peek of Richard Noirets montage from the Page Parkes International Agent Review by clicking here!

They also blogged about us, see below and click on the link to visit his blog:

"Last weekend I was fortunate to attend and film my friend Page Parkes’ International Agent Review in Houston, Texas. Page celebrated her 30th anniversary with a party on Saturday evening and I am proud to say I have known Page and her partner Rachel for more than 29 of those years. They are a rare commodity in the fashion agent business for being open and honest and treating everyone with respect. Those positive traits and so many others are why they have experienced longevity in a transient business and is a big reason why so many agents come to the review every year. Her staff excelled at staging and organizing the event that has grown tremendously in the past 16 years. Congratulations to Page 713."


PP Talent in Space Center Commercial!

Check out the following PP Talent in the Space Center Houston's Commercial!!

Reagan Eveleth

Jenna Christoffel

Allie Warren

Jacob Carrier

Tommy Hohl

Roger Sanguinetti

Gunnar Moore

Katelyn Wang

PP Model & Talent in NFCU Commercial

Check out PP Model & Talent Ross Davidson in Neches Federal Credit Union Commercial!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

PP Parent Testomonial: Mary Gibbs

Hi Page:

I just wanted to say congratulations on the occasion of celebrating 30 years in this business. Not only is this an incredible business success story, but it is a wonderful testament to your character and the way you make every person feel important and encouraged. I know that not everyone who crosses your doorstep will become a big star and achieve all of their dreams, but I do believe you can say that every person who crosses your doorstep will develop more confidence and poise and those attributes will help them throughout their lives in everything they do!

Meryl loves being a part of the Page Parkes family and we so appreciate the special interest you have taken in helping her advance her modeling and acting goals. As a mom, I just had to let you know how grateful I am that you love and nuture all of the talent like they were your own. I did happen to notice that you were cheering on the sidelines just like us other moms do!


Mary Gibbs

PP Talent on Academy of Hope

Culturemap Names Page Parkes Model of Success!

Cynthia Neely's article starts out: How did a poor little Texas girl, born in Denton and raised with two younger sisters in Clear Lake by a hardworking mom, grow up to co-own the largest modeling and acting agency group in the southwestern United States? And whose famous name —Page Parkes — is linked to the careers of some of the biggest names in the business – Angelina Jolie, Channing Tatum, Alexis Bledel, Beri Smithers, Hilary Duff and Charlize Theron?

Want to read more and learn about who and what lies behind Page's success?
Click here!


Check out what COACD had to say about Agent Review and who some of their fave PP attendees were!!


Wednesday, May 11, 2011

PP Model/Talent Books National Toyota Commercial!

Amaris Davidson just wrapped up shooting the new Toyota Prius commercial which will air nationally in the Fall! Keep your eyes peeled on our blog for the video and on TV for the commercial!

Meet the Real Page Parkes!

courtesy of:

A new Houston news show is debuting this week. “713News The Magazine Show” will debut Monday and Wednesday, May 9 and 11 at 7am and 7pm on HCCTV. It will also air on Mi Casa Broadcasting, the MCB Network. Click the link above for more info!

PP Model Jessica Kuo Snags Cover of Yellow Mag!

Wait til you check out her May spread, coming soon!

PP Talent on Cougar Town with Courtney Cox TONIGHT!

PP Talent Marcus DeAnda will be on TONIGHT'S episode of COUGAR TOWN on ABC at 830pm central time! Here's a sneak peek!

Monday, May 09, 2011

Do you know anyone who would love to laugh for an entire evening?

Country Gravy & Other Obsessions is a hilarious musical comedy about 2 “relationship experts” who give out intriguing advice (like what you’d hear in the 50’s – or in prison . . .) all the while brilliantly singing every genre from country to Broadway to opera!

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