Tuesday, May 17, 2011

PP Parent Testomonial: Mary Gibbs

Hi Page:

I just wanted to say congratulations on the occasion of celebrating 30 years in this business. Not only is this an incredible business success story, but it is a wonderful testament to your character and the way you make every person feel important and encouraged. I know that not everyone who crosses your doorstep will become a big star and achieve all of their dreams, but I do believe you can say that every person who crosses your doorstep will develop more confidence and poise and those attributes will help them throughout their lives in everything they do!

Meryl loves being a part of the Page Parkes family and we so appreciate the special interest you have taken in helping her advance her modeling and acting goals. As a mom, I just had to let you know how grateful I am that you love and nuture all of the talent like they were your own. I did happen to notice that you were cheering on the sidelines just like us other moms do!


Mary Gibbs

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