Wednesday, June 29, 2011

A New Little Liar Has Just Arrived To Rosewood!!

Watch Page Parkes Talent Rickey Castleberry's debut role as “LEWIS” on the ABC Family hit show Pretty Little Liars. You’ll be able to catch him recurring throughout the season.

We wonder, could Rickey’s character be “A?” Tune in Tuesday(s) July 5th 7c on ABC family to find out. Follow Rickey on twitter @riccast he will answer select questions via twitter during the show July 5th !!!

Friday, June 24, 2011

As Promised!! Interview with Versace Model...

Above: Versace Show- Jacob with Chase Crawford of Gossip Girl

Above: Hair and Makeup for Versace Show

Above: Versace Show

Buona sera!! Jacob Riley just returned from Milan a few days ago and we sat down to get the inside scoop on how he started with Page Parkes and how he felt about walking in the Versace show in Italia!! Check it out below, and grazie mile to Jacob for taking the time to share his story!!


"I actually came to Page Parkes and wanted to model but only got signed into the acting division, in March 2010 I met my trainer Michelle Rogers who works at Page and she was like "hey listen, I think you could be a model, like a really good one, we will work together and you will get there." So she started training me and I started to drop weight, I ended up losing a total of 53 pounds and thus I was able to model. At first I wasn't too confident I would land anything too special. I did the occasional job every once in a while, but then I got a call telling me Calvin Klein wanted Polaroid’s. I was blown away. I have ALWAYS been a huge fan of Calvin Klein. Well they ended up flying me up there to see me in person and I didn't get the job, but a couple weeks after that I got flown up to see Versace and I was so lost because I had no idea who Versace was or how big it really was. I honestly left the casting directors office that day thinking there is no way I got the job, so I continued to just work at trying to be the best I could and about 2 weeks later I got a call in the middle of my Spanish class by Tabitha and I had to sit down I was so excited because Versace actually booked me! I ended up asking to go to the bathroom and did a little bit of celebrating vocally. I was really nervous going into the airport and when my flight out of Atlanta was canceled I could of sworn it just was not meant to be but the next day I ended up making it to Milan and I was so scared on what was going to happen next. I ended up getting lost in Milan for about 45 minutes and then I made my way to the Versace prep space. Immediately I felt comfortable around everyone, they were all so nice and so friendly. We did a lot of prep and then when the show came I was not so nervous anymore. That was until I had to change into my second look. My second look was the leather jacket one and it was so hard to get into and I had such a limited amount of time. On my way out to the runway from the room I wasn’t done dressing myself and so I just pulled it together and walked to the runway thinking and believing there was something wrong. after the show I learned I was actually alright. It honestly was the best experience I could ask for. It was so beautiful there and everyone was so lovely and wonderful. I want to thank Michelle for believing in me and pushing me and Page for all she has done as well as Tabitha. It has been awesome."

PP Model Caitlin Ricketts for LF Stores

Before heading to New York, PP Model Caitlin Ricketts shot this lookbook for LF Stores, want to check out the entire lookbook? Click HERE !!!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

PP Model Jacob Riley Returns from Milan!

Jacob Riley recently returned from Milan after walking in the Versace show, check out the video below and stay tuned for our exclusive interview and more photos!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Page Parkes Summer Facebook Contest!

pictured above: Maddox Huynh

Summer Facebook Contest!
Did you have an amazing summer? Do you have some fun vacation pics to share?
We are looking for your favorite summer photos, so send them in today!


This contest is open to Houston, Dallas, Austin and San Antonio residents
ages 4 and up and our fans will determine the winner!

Email your photo to and put
in the subject line. Be sure to include your contact information, city you live in and age!
*Any photos deemed inappropriate by Page Parkes staff will NOT
be posted and will not be eligible for the contest.

The person with the most "likes" will win a Trio Class
(the repeat intensive on-camera class) from the Page Parkes Center of Modeling & Acting. All voting will end at 11pm Central Time on July 28, 2011 and the winner will be announced at 5pm on Friday, July 29, 2011 on our Facebook Page, so send in your entry now!

In order to vote, you must become a "FAN" of the
Page Parkes Corporation Facebook Page.
The person with the most "likes" will win!
Be sure to tell your friends to become fans of our page and vote!
*Contest is open to students of PPCMA as well as non-students *

The summer's coolest outfit is the romper

pictured above: PP Model, Taylor Hannah

"Rompers are making a comeback this summer.

This one-piece garment — half minidress, half shorts - works well as the centerpiece of your look and is light enough to conquer the summer heat."

Monday, June 13, 2011

PP Talent Books Disney!

PP Talent Lance Rudder recently booked a Disney Print Campaign!! Stay tuned for more details and his print work coming shortly!!

PP Talent Takes Over Space Center Houston!

WOW!! Check out all of these amazing PP Talent in the Summer Sports Slam Teaser for Space Center Houston!


Gregory Biscoe

Frankie Cooper

Dena Jalat

Alex Glover

Max Wissinger

Matias Wissinger

Alexis Peery

Lily Vo

Taylor Couch

Grace Daly

Corbin Barrus

Zac Clifton

Noah Gasper

Lakesha Axel

Ben Dominguez

Jonathan Doung

Meaghan Cooper

Rodney White

Gina Brown

Jessica Kirkland

PP Talent Major Dodge Books Tecate!

PP Talent Major Dodge will be shooting for a Tecate commercial this week, so keep your eyes peeled for the air date!

PP Model Kalyn Hemphill on ET!

Last Thursday, Models of the Runway Winner and PP Model, Kalyn Hemphill, appeared on ET modeling Kohl's summer clothing! Check it out below!

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Pre-Teen Summer Acting Camp!! It's a BLAST!

Check out our fabulous campers during Pre-Teen Acting Camp with their teacher, Julie!

Above: Sloan Hopson (R) and Kennedy Morgan (L)
Sloan said "I am having an awesome time and the teachers are so sweet and awesome!"
Kennedy said "We are having sooooooo much fun!'

Friday, June 03, 2011

Francesca's Summer Fun!

Check out PP Model Caitlin Ricketts in the video below for Francesca's

Thursday, June 02, 2011

American Pie!

PP Talent Max Wissinger will be shooting in Atlanta next week, he was cast in the American Pie Reunion and will be playing the part of "little Finch."

You put the Lime in the Coconut...

PP Talent Zane Tarver, on a Fiesta Commercial shoot. Zane was one of three coconuts!

PP Talent Reagan Eveleth Test Shoot with April Pizana

Simply adorable.

To visit the website, click here!

AR Testimonial from PP Model Meryl Gibbs

Meryl Gibbs, 17

"My relationship with Page Parkes started when I was 12. I was already represented by another agency in Houston, focused mostly on acting opportunities, but I was one of those kids who grew tall early – so I was really having a hard time playing my age since my body looked more mature and I was taller than all of my peers. It was really frustrating to go to an audition and be told, “Well, great job, but you don’t look 12.” It was my acting coach who first said I should try modeling until my age caught up to my look. So my coach called and introduced me to someone at Page and I went for an interview.

With a few classes to learn the ropes, I started working during my first year. I also volunteered to do every charitable project I could just to get some experience. And every year, as my experience grew, so did my number of bookings and paychecks! I have met the most interesting people in this business and I was surprised to learn how compassionate everyone is at Page Parkes; it’s more than an agency – it’s a family. Everyone helps each other and it is not as competitive as modeling agencies seem to be portrayed on television.

I have had many memorable experiences including shooting for The Domain in Austin where my billboard-sized images are still posted around the shopping center. I also walked the runway on the arm of Max Azria at one of the shows; and I love getting to test shoot with the talented photographers I met through the agency – it’s instructional and helps me build my book.

Regarding Agent Review, every year I get more and more interest and I feel like I am getting closer to securing work in another market outside of Texas or with a national client. I appreciate how Page has helped me to work in this business, while pursuing my academic interests. My plan to go to college sometimes complicates my ability to sign with an agency outside Houston – though I appreciate how Page has helped me advance my professional goals in spite of that.

Whether college or work with another agency takes me away from Houston, I will always feel like my home and my family is here with Page Parkes."