Thursday, June 02, 2011

AR Testimonial from PP Model Meryl Gibbs

Meryl Gibbs, 17

"My relationship with Page Parkes started when I was 12. I was already represented by another agency in Houston, focused mostly on acting opportunities, but I was one of those kids who grew tall early – so I was really having a hard time playing my age since my body looked more mature and I was taller than all of my peers. It was really frustrating to go to an audition and be told, “Well, great job, but you don’t look 12.” It was my acting coach who first said I should try modeling until my age caught up to my look. So my coach called and introduced me to someone at Page and I went for an interview.

With a few classes to learn the ropes, I started working during my first year. I also volunteered to do every charitable project I could just to get some experience. And every year, as my experience grew, so did my number of bookings and paychecks! I have met the most interesting people in this business and I was surprised to learn how compassionate everyone is at Page Parkes; it’s more than an agency – it’s a family. Everyone helps each other and it is not as competitive as modeling agencies seem to be portrayed on television.

I have had many memorable experiences including shooting for The Domain in Austin where my billboard-sized images are still posted around the shopping center. I also walked the runway on the arm of Max Azria at one of the shows; and I love getting to test shoot with the talented photographers I met through the agency – it’s instructional and helps me build my book.

Regarding Agent Review, every year I get more and more interest and I feel like I am getting closer to securing work in another market outside of Texas or with a national client. I appreciate how Page has helped me to work in this business, while pursuing my academic interests. My plan to go to college sometimes complicates my ability to sign with an agency outside Houston – though I appreciate how Page has helped me advance my professional goals in spite of that.

Whether college or work with another agency takes me away from Houston, I will always feel like my home and my family is here with Page Parkes."

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