Friday, June 24, 2011

As Promised!! Interview with Versace Model...

Above: Versace Show- Jacob with Chase Crawford of Gossip Girl

Above: Hair and Makeup for Versace Show

Above: Versace Show

Buona sera!! Jacob Riley just returned from Milan a few days ago and we sat down to get the inside scoop on how he started with Page Parkes and how he felt about walking in the Versace show in Italia!! Check it out below, and grazie mile to Jacob for taking the time to share his story!!


"I actually came to Page Parkes and wanted to model but only got signed into the acting division, in March 2010 I met my trainer Michelle Rogers who works at Page and she was like "hey listen, I think you could be a model, like a really good one, we will work together and you will get there." So she started training me and I started to drop weight, I ended up losing a total of 53 pounds and thus I was able to model. At first I wasn't too confident I would land anything too special. I did the occasional job every once in a while, but then I got a call telling me Calvin Klein wanted Polaroid’s. I was blown away. I have ALWAYS been a huge fan of Calvin Klein. Well they ended up flying me up there to see me in person and I didn't get the job, but a couple weeks after that I got flown up to see Versace and I was so lost because I had no idea who Versace was or how big it really was. I honestly left the casting directors office that day thinking there is no way I got the job, so I continued to just work at trying to be the best I could and about 2 weeks later I got a call in the middle of my Spanish class by Tabitha and I had to sit down I was so excited because Versace actually booked me! I ended up asking to go to the bathroom and did a little bit of celebrating vocally. I was really nervous going into the airport and when my flight out of Atlanta was canceled I could of sworn it just was not meant to be but the next day I ended up making it to Milan and I was so scared on what was going to happen next. I ended up getting lost in Milan for about 45 minutes and then I made my way to the Versace prep space. Immediately I felt comfortable around everyone, they were all so nice and so friendly. We did a lot of prep and then when the show came I was not so nervous anymore. That was until I had to change into my second look. My second look was the leather jacket one and it was so hard to get into and I had such a limited amount of time. On my way out to the runway from the room I wasn’t done dressing myself and so I just pulled it together and walked to the runway thinking and believing there was something wrong. after the show I learned I was actually alright. It honestly was the best experience I could ask for. It was so beautiful there and everyone was so lovely and wonderful. I want to thank Michelle for believing in me and pushing me and Page for all she has done as well as Tabitha. It has been awesome."

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