Friday, July 15, 2011

Show & Business Children's Workshop! Sign Up Today!

Show & Business
A Children’s Workshop

Conducted by

Robert Haas, Los Angeles Agent and Industry Professional

Ricki Maslar, Producer, Casting Director

Sponsored by PAGE 713

September 9th, 2011 (5pm-8pm)

Houston, TX

This class offers the unique opportunity to learn from the people actually doing and living the business. Robert Haas has been a top agent and industry professional for over 10 years combining that with Ricki Maslar’s experience in casting and producing for over 30 years in the business, this class promises to be one of the most intense learning experiences of a young actor’s career.

Show & Business

Children’s Workshop


Ricki Maslar & Robert Haas

This seminar was created as an overview of the film industry for aspiring actors of all experience levels. Actors who have had no experience or extensive experience in other mediums will benefit from learning the basic on and off camera techniques that are so vital to a working film actors. From the audition process to film set protocol to character analysis, this is the “what you always wanted to know…” workshop from the perspective of a film actor.

The seminar consists of a 3 hour session as follows…

The Business of the Business with Ricki Maslar and Robert Haas

As a team Robert and Ricki talk to the parents and the children, speaking about the business and take questions for about an hour. We cover the basics of protecting kids in the business, how to be a positive stage parent, when to call and when not to call your agent, what to look for in a headshot, etc. We will then break into two groups… Robert will continue to talk to the parents and speak to them about the business and their roles and also address any questions that they have.

Ricki stays with the young actors and continues to work with the kids, giving them scenes and rehearsing them for a mini showcase and presentation of the kids with scenes to Robert, who will redirect them and work with them. The parents are invited to watch the scenes in the showcase format.

The work with the kids includes some imagination games, some improvisation, talk about auditioning, movies, and performing a paired scene which will be presented to Robert and the parents.

* * *

This seminar is not intended to impart one particular method of acting to the actors, but rather open them up to a broad realm of education and opportunities available to them. The students will come away with a reality based assessment of the film industry, as well as a new outlook on their own abilities, confidence level and self empowerment.

Child must be able to read (max. age is 13)



Limited Seating


(Nonrefundable- No exceptions made)

Payment must be received by Friday, August 26th.

Payment must be received to confirm spot in class.

*We can accept a credit card payment over the phone. Please note that credit card charges will include a 2.8% service fee ($3.50). Checks need to be made out to Page Parkes.

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