Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Have you met Drew?

The right representation, fed talent and hard work can give even an 11 year old a page turning career!
Drew Justice of Cypress, Texas is living proof! Discovered by Page Parkes while having lunch- he spent his summer in California furthering his resume!
We talked with our young talent and his mom on his recent audition at Paramount Studios in Hollywood!

Was this your first time to audition in LA?
No, actually my first audition in LA was a callback I received for the Untitled Dan Schneider Project. That audition was a lot of fun too because I got to meet Dan Schneider and I got to spend some one-on-one time with my Dad!
This was my first summer to spend time in LA and I got to experience several auditions for commercials, episodics, as well as feature films! It was a great experience.

How was this audition at Paramount Studios different from others?
Well, first of all, I had to go through security, which I've never done before except at the airport! They asked me for my headshot, which served as my "photo I.D." and they printed out a pass with my name on one side and a map on the other! It was my "ticket entry" into the sort of reminded me of being at Disneyland or something! Once inside, it was like its own city - it was super cool! The audition itself wasn't much different from any others: I went in, said my slate, read for my part and left. It took less than ten minutes!

What did you love most about this audition?
Just being at Paramount Studios! It was amazing!

What inspired you to begin a career in acting?
Miss Page and one of her friend's thought I would like it and they were so right! I love it!

What is your favorite part about acting?
The feeling I have when I'm in front of the camera! I love playing different characters- it's always been fun to me.  I've been making movies at home with my family for years!

What do you get most nervous about?
Forgetting a line. It makes me sweat!  

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