Friday, August 16, 2013


Only a few spaces left! We are now offering this class to students 12+! Come Sign Up!

Patrick Baca’s “Secrets of the Series Regulars” 
Intensive Acting Class for teens (14+), adult actors, and showbiz parents!
Join LA Casting Director Patrick Baca, CSA for a fun and creative learning experience. His eye opening film and TV audition technique class is designed especially for auditioning actors and parents of child actors! Patrick will teach you how to easily apply logical forensic and psychological procedures to your auditions. If you love CSI, Forensic Files, Law and Order or anything on TruTV you will love this class! Patrick will teach you…
You’ll hear Patrick’s unique detective like approach to analyzing and preparing audition sides and characters. You’ll learn an easy to understand technique that you can apply to your own auditions – tips and insight that you’ve never heard before! Patrick will also explain the nine-tiered Pilot Season casting process actors must be navigated through by a Casting Director when auditioning for a series regular role in a network TV pilot. Casting process, finances, politics and studio casting policies all explained and de-mystified! Bring pen, paper, headshot and resume and prepare to be enlightened inspired -- and amazed!
Class Materials: Each participant receives Patrick’s student workshop packet that includes his “Profiling a Character” worksheets to work off of during class, Patrick’s “Network Pilot Casting Pyramid,” and Pilot audition sides to analyze together as a group.
Audio Visual Materials: Patrick utilizes fun DVD examples from motion picture performances and bonus behind the scenes footage to help illustrate his teachings.
This work will meet on Saturday (Sept 7th), 2 PM – 6:30 PM and the next day, Sunday (Sept 8th), 1 PM – 5:00 PM. Cost of this class is:  $225.
Location will be provided upon registration. Limited space available, so email me or call the office (713-807-8222) to reserve your place.
Nonrefundable - No exceptions made. Payment must be received to confirm spot in class.
**We can accept payment via credit cards. Please note that credit card charges will include a 2.8% service fee (Total would be $231.30). Checks need to be made out to Page Parkes.

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