Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Confessional: Carol Davis

Carol Davis lights up a room with her personality and smile. She recently retired from her 9-5 job and now is a full time actress. 

Now that you are retired, what is your favorite thing to do?  Go on Auditions!!! -:)

Who is your favorite actor and why? 
 "Oprah Winfrey", First,  because she is a very good actor that is able to connect me mentally and physically with the character that she is playing.  
Second, because I love and enjoy all of the movies that she have selected to be in, most of which tells about the history of the black people, or an experience or suffrage  of a black woman back in the day. 
Third,  because she is a  very successful strong female mentor, for all or most woman of any color, and mostly because I think that she and I have a lot in common, such as beliefs, age range, life experiences, diverseness, elegance,  energy, race, " Beauty"!!!! 

How did you get into acting?  The Movie "The Kangaroo" was filmed in Houston in 1995, the funeral seen was filmed at my church, and they needed some extras to attend the funeral, I volunteered.  The casting director single me out and ask me to set with the principal acting family.
He said my crying was very good -:)  They also needed someone to play the sister of the deceased and walk up to the casket too, I got it.  My first audition!!  Years later I met a casting director name Michelle (friend of a friend), she referred me to my first Talent Agency Millennium .  I started taking talent workshops, and then I auditioned for the agency and they decided to represent me!!! 

What has been your favorite booking so far and why? One of my favorite booking's has to be my first booking,  where I was cast as a principle for a couple (wife & husband)   for  the Elixir Type 2  Diabetes commercial .  Commercial ran for about 12 weeks in Houston, and other cities too.   Love it!!

Favorite food?  Seafood (Salmon)!

Thanks Carol!!

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