Wednesday, September 04, 2013

The Confessional:Leslie Rivas

Leslie Rivas, a talented and published stylist for Page Parkes Agency, tells us how she got started in the industry, her favorite moments, pet peeves and more.

Leslie has been featured in numerous magazines for fashion styling and creative direction. Check out the confessional below.

How did you get started in this business?  What inspired you to start?
I was a child model, for some years in California, I  became fascinated with the photo shoot process, especially the stylist role! My mother was very involved with fashion growing up so it was always around my life. I read an article once on a famous stylist had an  epiphany. I knew at that point  I wanted that type of life!

 After high school, went to fashion school, got a degree in Fashion Merchandising  but in the meantime I started working at Page Parkes and interning with stylists. When I was ready to style on my own , photographer Arthur Garcia gave me a chance to style  a new male model, who within the same month after we shot,  got booked with Abercrombie and Fitch! The agency then offered me representation and been there ever since!

How would u describe your personal style    Not sure if I have a label, but I do love the dark bohemian look , if I could sum it up in a collection I would say Saint Laurent Spring 2013 RTW !I wear a lot of black and  like feminine flowy  textiles, opulent pieces  mixed with more structured  textiles... I collect vintage and lot's of jewelry so I never leave those house without a piece on! 95% of my shoes are black boots! In every shape and form, and yes- I  wear them even during  Houston Hot summer! Hats and Cat Eye Sunglasses are also essentials.

Whats the most exciting thing about being a stylist.

I like to think beyond the clothing, using fashion mainly as a tool to create images and stories with the creative team of photographers, art directors, hair & makeup artists

 I love working with creative people/models/ teams! Styling fits my personality as I am always on the go and like a change of days.  I like that my office might be at a cool studio one day or in the mountains of Argentina the next! It''s not a consistent lifestyle but it never gets boring! Right now it's also pretty amazing I get to work with my husband, Fashion Photographer Collin Kelly and my sister  Bianca Linette is a hair and makeup artist, so its fun shooting with the "family" creating images together! Styling with incredible pieces by designers I love is a major treat as well!

Whats is the most frustrating thing? 

 There are few minor annoyances but the one i find myself going "AHHH" over a lot is that although I love living in Houston, trying to come up with the edgiest , innovating pieces for an editorial is often difficult. The majority of  stores only carry pieces that are more "wearable"  to the  Houstonian costumer and not as artistic or what you see on the runways. Sometimes I will have a vision of what I want but if the stores don't carry  them - Then I am having to rearrange the concept! Thank goodness for PR connections in major cities and a few local stores I can always count on! 

Best lesson learned

Organization and Responsibility are Key!  It's also great to accept help, I have a great team of Interns who assist  me on major jobs. 

What would you tell your younger self starting off in this business  Being Strong, Respectful, and having Confidence is highly important.  Always trust my instincts and know the life of an artist has a of of high and lows! 
Future goals, short and long term   More traveling ! Starting to meet with new magazines and clients in other cities, that can allow us live in Houston and travel for work. We are also planning on getting more involved in the film industry, and  moving to New Orleans where there are major productions being filmed!
How do you feel about being a stylist for Page Parkes  It's like  being part of a  family. Everyone is so professional and supportive! It's rewarding  to be represented  by an agency but even better by one with such amazing people ! Page is such a caring, helpful , funny and kind hearted woman and I am truly honored to have her as a friend and supporter! 

Closing thoughts.....Life , Family , Traveling  and Animals are most important to me My fashion inspirations can be found  on my blog 

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