Friday, October 04, 2013

The Confessional: Model/Actor/Musician Dietrich Schmidt

Page Parkes triple threat Dietrich Schmidt is one of the most down to earth guys you will ever meet in this industry and we really enjoy working with him. Let's catch up with Dietrich and get to know him a little bit more!

1. How did you get into modeling and acting?

I actually started out by doing favors for people.  I had many photographer and fashion designer friends who were always looking for male models. Over a 6 month period, I started to build up a portfolio.  At the time, I was working a corporate job that took me out of the country. However, I still had a strong interest in photography and fashion even though it was just a hobby. After I left the corporate job, people started coming up to me and randomly ask if I was a model. At this point, I thought, maybe I should pursue I did. Hah!

Acting was something I've always been interested in since I was a kid, but my plan was always to do business, music, and then acting last. Surprisingly, that is exactly how things have worked out thus far. I am still a full time touring musician, but acting has fit in perfectly with my band schedule.  I first started acting with Page Parkes after booking a fairly big Men's Warehouse Commercial/Print campaign, which can be described as nothing short of a miracle. I was literally the last person to get an audition slot and it was my first ever commercial audition. They ended up booking 12 of us out of about 200 guys. A few weeks later after the shoot (through a bombardment of facebook tags, pics, and wall posts), I found out they had used my photo for the face of their campaign in every single storefront in the country as well as online and on billboards! It was kind of surreal seeing my friends all over the country pose next to a 7 foot picture of me in cities like New York or Baltimore. This experience has taught me  early on that I had very little control in terms of what happened to my career in this industry, but I am definitely very thankful for every opportunity I received.  

2. Our clients love you (as do we), what is your secret? 

I have been very fortunate to work on some amazing projects in the last year and a half. My advice is to always to go into auditions knowing that you have very little control over whether they are going to cast you or not. You're often either what they are looking for or you aren't.  For me, that helps me be myself in auditions. You just need to be genuine, real, and authentic. Don't even worry about the outcome.  I think there's a reason for every audition, even if it's just the person you meet in the waiting room.

Dressing the part has always been big for me.  Dress like the character you are auditioning for. If it's a superhero, wear a cape and tights. (Seriously that worked once for me. ;) )

On sets and shoots, my goal is to always serve the people I'm working with as best as possible.  A lot of people probably expect the talent to be self-absorbed and a prima donna, but I definitely try to be the complete opposite of that stereotype and do whatever I can to help out on the shoot and to build authentic relationships with everyone on set (from the production assistant, to the wardrobe stylist, to the director).  I think there is a tendency in all of us to gravitate to people we think can help our career more, but I've found that pretty much everyone would rather work with and be around down to earth people who are genuinely interested in building authentic relationships with them, rather than someone trying to talk themselves up and network on set with people that they think will help their career.  I'm definitely not saying that anything is wrong with meeting people and staying in touch (i.e. networking), but for me it's more important to care about the people themselves before what they can do for me. I love getting to do this job for primarily the people I get to meet.

3. Tell us about your band! 

My band Suite 709 is an R&B/Soul band that tours around the country. I've played with the guys for 6-10 years in different capacities.  We spend a lot of time writing music and trying to make art that we are proud of, which is a completely arduous, yet very rewarding task.  You can check out our music and videos on our website at

4. What is your favorite thing to do in your free time (not that you have a lot)?

I'm actually really terrible about finding free-time, but I am trying to get better about setting aside time every week to actually rest. 

On my days off, I love eating a large breakfast, read, watch films, play basketball or doing something outside. Also, I love eating long dinners with friends.  

5. Who is your favorite actor or model? 

Hmm, this is a tough one, but I consistently love the role selection and performances of Joseph Gordon Levitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Brad Pitt.  I know those are big name guys, but I think those 3 guys always pick really interesting roles and execute them really well.  I could see myself playing a similar lane of characters as these guys, especially JGL. 

6. Favorite booking so far and why? 

Probably the Fiat shoot I just did about 2 weeks ago.  The shoot was 5 days, which gave me plenty of time to get to know the crew. I got to drive a Fiat for about 1,000 miles all over Texas. I think in terms of commercial acting it was my favorite because there was a story involved and I had the opportunity to portray the emotions and life of this character. The length of time also allowed me to get really comfortable working with the director and team.

Thanks Dietrich and good luck in all of your endeavors! Thanks for giving us a quick glimpse in the life of a rockstar!

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