Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Cesar Galindo + Page Parkes at Sloan/Hall Boutique

Thursday night at Sloan/Hall, internationally known fashion designer Cesar Galindo made a special appearance and showcased his beautiful designs alongside Page Parkes. Click below to see more of his amazing pieces and a quick personal interview!

Page Parkes with designers Cesar Galindo and Becky Hollands

1. How do you know Page Parkes?
Oh wow, I have known her since I was 14. I entered a contest and did a photoshoot a long time ago and ended up signing up at the agency as a young model. Later on, I started styling and they started photographing my work. Page started asking where the clothes in the shoots were coming from and I told her I also designed clothing. She ended up being my very first client who bought my clothes!

2. How did you transition from being a model and stylist to designer?
I was actually doing it all at the same time. I moved to Miami to work with Page and her agency there. I went through and revamped the models' portfolio books. I ended up getting a job with Miami City Ballet and after a while came back to Houston looking for a permanent job. The Houston Ballet said the Opera was hiring and I ended up getting a job on the spot as an assistant costume designer. Through my formal education here, the theatre and drama of it all ended up inspiring my work as a designer.

3. What inspired the collection being displayed right now at Sloan/Hall?
My Fall collection was sponsored by the AMC network and I had worked on one of their shows, Freakshow. The body tattoos you see on the show ended up becoming the design for many of the prints in the collection. Also, I was inspired by cities. You can see throughout the dresses there are city landscape prints. I also have sequin pieces where you get the idea of beautiful city lights you would see at night.

4. How would you describe your design aesthetic?
I am a minimalist. I use clean lines and base alot of my work on architecture. You will always see some kind of detail that allows a simple piece to stand out. I consistently pay attention to a woman's body and I believe it is very important to know who you are designing for and why they would wear the clothes. I grew up with five sisters who have influenced my design aesthetics as well.

Thank you so much Sloan/Hall and Cesar Galindo for allowing our Page Parkes readers to get a glimpse of a fantastic collection!

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