Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Chloe & Lauren Nguyen for Gemma Kahng

Gorgeous twins Chloe and Lauren Nguyen were honored model for designer Gemma Kahng's Spring 2014 collection Look Book. Page 713 stylist Leslie Rivas-Kelly takes us behind the scenes and answers all of our questions about the editorial and Gemma's new collection that was recently shown at Tootsies Houston last week. Check out our personal interview with her below!

Designer: Gemma Kahng 
Photographed by:  Sylvie Blum
Assistant Photographer:   Jhane Hoang 
Fashion Stylist :   Leslie Rivas
Models:   Page Parkes Chloe and Lauren Nguyen

1. Where did the photoshoot take place?
It took place at Gemma's getaway home in Upstate New York. The weather was crisp, clear, and cool. All of our outdoor shots had perfect lighting and weather! It was definitely scenic and epic! My favorite part of the location was being able to wake up while it was still dark to get a beautiful shot of the models in front of the rolling morning fog. It was hard waking up so early in the freezing cold, but it was so worth it!

2. The location does looks breath-taking! Tell me a little bit about the journey to Gemma's home.
It was my first time visiting and we started our journey bright and early catching a train at Penn Station. It was a 2 hour ride to the country side from Manhattan. It was fascinating to see all of the small, quaint towns and luscious vegetation. We even went to a Farmer's Market to pick up food for the next few days!
When we reached her house, our mouths dropped! She had the cutest white house amongst an apple orchard and tall pine trees. 

2. What was the inspiration for the styling of Gemma's 2014 Spring collection?
Unlike most designers, Gemma was extremely eager to see how the photographer Sylvie and I interpreted her designs! We played with the idea of juxtaposing and went for a Yin/Yang minimalistic approach. She is a very open minded person which helps when collaborating!

3. How did you meet Gemma Kahng and what is she like?
My dear friends Marc and Duyen made the connection between Gemma and I. They took me to a showroom where I was able to get an unclose look at the construction and details of her pieces. While I was there, I had styled a vest backwards since I thought the detail would look best on the front. She fell in love with the concept and got inspired of it becoming a dress instead of a vest. She created some actually for the shoot!

Gemma is unbelievably talented, has a great sense of humor, and very kind-hearted. She is a very hands on designer and pays incredible attention to detail. I love the materials/textiles she uses and how all of her designs deliver such a strong statement, while also remaining delicate and romantic.

4. What was it like working with Page 713 models Chloe and Lauren?
A dream! They are the sweetest, most professional models I have ever worked with. They never complain, have excellent work ethics, and are extremely graceful. Everything looks amazing on the twins, which inspires me as I style.

Thank you so much Leslie for giving us a small peek into a gorgeous photoshoot with beautiful models and amazing designer! Love it when our models and creative team are able to collaborate and create such beautiful photos.

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