Monday, January 20, 2014

Glamping winner Morgan Sigford's Journey!

From being scouted during Page Parkes' Texas glamping trip out at Dickie's BBQ to taking her first runway walk at Model Camp, we couldn't be more proud of Morgan Sigford's transformation from a small town girl to a fresh face model!

Runway class with instructor Todd Ramos!

Morgan getting her hair done by artist Darcie Teasley!

Can you imagine the transformation! GORGEOUS!

Morgan with her fellow models and stylist Todd Ramos!

Morgan right before the Runway Show for Model Camp!

Not only was Morgan excited about all of what Model Camp had to offer, but her mother was even more thrilled! It is so wonderful to see such a supportive parent be so involved in her daughter's journey. Take a look at her words via Facebook and her personal thoughts to Page Parkes herself!

"Girl, I am not lying.. It took me a second to recognize Morgan. She doesn't even look like the same person! When I finally got to her, I started crying and then her roommate started crying. All of the models started asking why we were crying and then some of them even started filming us! Morgan just kept holding my head in her chest! It was so priceless. Morgan also said Todd used a lot of her clothes for her photo shoot and for the other girls too! She was so excited that a professional stylist liked her taste in clothes! The funny thing is that her clothes usually sit in her closet because she never goes out. Plus, no one dresses like that out here in the woods haha!"

Such a truly amazing journey for Morgan and her family! She is definitely inspirational and believes that through hard work and motivation, anyone can start their road to stardom with Page Parkes! Stay tune to see the rest of this past weekend's Model Camp adventures including footage on behind the scenes!

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