Monday, March 03, 2014

#ModelMonday: Ally Ertel!

From Florida living to California dreaming, #ModelMonday goes out to one of the sweetest and talented girls here at Page Parkes: Ally Ertel! Click read more below to meet her and get a glimpse of her journey.

1. How were you scouted and why did you choose Page Parkes when you first started?
I was scouted while volunteering at a Tony Robbins conference by a fellow crew member, an amazing photographer Danny Cardozo. He connected me with Page Parkes and I decided to sign with the agency because I knew that they saw me as more than just a model. From day one, both Danny and Page have believed in my potential within the industry while supporting my personal goals. They have also pushed me to grow in ways I could have never imagined.

2. How have you developed as a model and what is your goal?
Since I started modeling full time last year, I've obviously become much more comfortable moving in front of the camera. I am no longer afraid to try a crazy idea or really go for a strong emotional expression or movement. I've also learned to communicate with all types of personalities while on set. It's important to be able to understand and work with the differing communication styles of the photographer, makeup artist, stylist and especially the client in order to have a successful creative collaboration. My goal as a model at the end of every shoot is to make sure everyone on set is happy with the images we've created. And that means clearly understanding everyone's expectations and ideas and hopefully surprising them with even better work than they expected.

3. What is the coolest photoshoot you have done? And the most memorable place you have traveled to?
To pick the best shoot would be impossible! One of the things I love the most is how they're all so different! But one of my recent favorites was a lookbook shoot and video for a beautiful California based designer named Heidi Merrick. In addition to shooting the entire collection for the website, we shot a video to showcase the upcoming collection.

I haven't done a whole lot of traveling yet, but the most memorable place so far was spending the summer in NYC. There were so many unique fun things to do like outdoor movies and concerts. And I got to work with some incredibly talented photographers with all of the tests I did throughout the summer. Most of my favorite shots on the website were shot in NY.

4. What inspires you?
I'm inspired by the beauty and abundance of nature (like the millions of varieties of flowers and intricate patterns in seashells and snowflakes) and by people who follow their dreams and live every day with passion. I also love learning about personal growth and health and fitness.

5. How is California compared to Texas? Is it hard being away from family?
Compared to going to college in FL, living in California is so different. My schedule is much more unpredictable with miscellaneous castings, shoots and jobs instead of steady classes and homework. But the weather is pretty similar with warm beautiful sunny days most of the year. 
As far as being away from family, yes it's pretty hard sometimes. I'm very close with my mom especially, but we stay in touch pretty frequently and I always send her fun behind the scenes pictures from all my shoots. Thankfully, my boyfriend lives in Los Angeles too so we're working on building a little family of friends for ourselves out here :)

6. What kind of advice can you give girls at Page Parkes that are starting out (New Faces)?
The best advice I could give is to try not to take anything personally! I've been on quite a few castings where I was convinced afterwards that I completely messed up, but I actually booked the job! You never know what the client is looking for and it doesn't say anything about you as a person if you do or don't book something. And remember that modeling is in reality a job so it's important to always be professional, on time, and easy to work with.

And finally, have fun and always be yourself. It's a crazy unpredictable industry so all you can do is take it one day at a time and enjoy the rollercoaster!

Thank you so much Ally for taking time out of your busy schedule to let us all get to know you a little bit better! We love how down to earth you are and we appreciate you giving our readers honest insight into the modeling industry.

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