Monday, March 24, 2014

#ModelMonday: Charlotte Stevens

We love seeing our New Faces grow and Charlotte Stevens is no exception! Her progress over the past couple of months has been incredible and we are proud to make her our #ModelMonday!
Photography: Tiara Marei Styling: Amee Ly Hair/Makeup: Alana Chanlea

To view her expanding portfolio and get to know her a little bit better, read more!
Photography: Arthur Garcia (Select Studios) Styling: Vico Puentes Hair/Makeup: Darcie Teasley

1. How were you scouted and why did you choose Page Parkes?
My Mom modeled with Page back in the 80’s and always talked about what a special person Page is and how much she loved working for her.  I couldn’t wait until I was old enough to enroll in Model Camp and was lucky enough to be signed by Page soon after.
2. Who are your biggest supporters right now?
My biggest supporters right now are my mom, dad, sister, and my best friends. They are all very encouraging and make sure that I’m on the right track at all times.  Everyone at Page Parkes Corp is so amazing (Page, Tabitha and Erik) and Caroline (my booker) is such a fun, positive person!  She really helps me focus on what I need to do to be successful in this industry. 
Source: Official MBFW

3. What was your best modeling experience to date?
Of course, walking in New York Fashion Week was unbelievable – I’ve never seen so many cameras flashing at once!  It was blinding!  For one week, New York was the center of the fashion industry and I was SO lucky to be there- I can’t wait to go back!!  Another big thrill I had was to walk on the arm of a real James Bond – George Lazenby!!  I love watching all of those old 007 movies and walking down the runway with George was such a treat!! I really felt like a Bond Girl, “Shaken, not stirred.”  Ha!!

4. How was spring break? What did you do?
So fun!!!  I went cruising with my family and friends to Jamaica, Caymans and Cozumel.  We went horseback riding, scuba diving and of course, shopping!  I have a lot of bookings when I get back, so all the time I was living in 50 sunscreen, trying to keep the sun off me to avoid looking like a lobster (which I tend to do)!

5. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
After I graduate from high school, I cannot wait to travel and work in all of the different markets.  My goal would be to have walked in every fashion week - NYC, London, Paris and Milan to name a few.  I will always call Page Parkes my home and hope to continue working here for many years to come!

6. Are you excited for Agent Review? Do you feel prepared?
I am beyond excited to go to Agent Review! I have been working extremely hard this year and am so excited to see what opportunities will come my way.  The team at the agency has been so helpful keeping me on track so I am ready for the big event. I couldn’t have done it without all of their help!

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