Thursday, April 03, 2014

Bianca Linette Does Hair/Makeup for Lorde!

We are excited to finally announce Bianca's latest opportunity: assisting hair and makeup for singer-songwriter Lorde in Fashion Magazine!!! What an amazing and unforgettable experience!

1. What was it like working with one of the top artists this year and the team for Fashion Magazine?
 Working with Lorde and assisting Fashion Magazine was such an amazing experience! The production team was very sweet and the whole time we just had a blast!

2. What was the hair and makeup for the shoot?
The makeup look was just very soft, dewy and natural. The hair was very tossed and the style we were going for is the bed-head look. She actually loves how her hair is naturally!

3. How did the day go?
The day in general was very energetic. As soon as Lorde arrived, everyone just got in gear and did an amazing job! The styling, photographer, and location was too cool!

We are so proud of you Bianca and all of your accomplishments! Feel free to see more behind-the-scene photos and pictures of her work on Instagram (@biancalinettehmu)

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