Friday, May 30, 2014


The final day of Agent Review consists of all of our models and talents receiving their call-backs from the agents. They are able to visit the agents during open and closed calls to talk to the professionals about their careers in the industry. We are so proud of everyone and hope y'all enjoyed the experience! Looking forward to Agent Review 2015 already!

Don't take our word for it, even our participants this year have amazing words to say! We asked a few of our models their thoughts from this year's Agent Review.

What was your favorite experience at Agent Review?

1. Brandon Lee: "My favorite experience would have to be meeting with professionals from all over the world and hearing their advice on what to do and how to do it. Also, the agents' interests in all of the great talent and fashion we have at Page Parkes."

2. Chanel LaTouche: "My favorite experience about Agent Review was the Runway Show! For me, there is no greater feeling than when I walk on the runway. I feel like I am in my element where I can have fun and be myself! :)"

3. Charlotte Stevens: " Everything! It was so well organized and the Page Parkes staff really went out of their way to make sure you were looked after. I definitely trust the advice and opinions of the agents since they are are leaders in their industry. The overall feeling was so friendly, totally professional, and very impressive. Thank you, Page!"

4. Sarah Tierney: "My favorite experience was having the convenience to be able to visit with top agencies at the same time (and so quickly!). It is a wonderful opportunity and instead of flying to different cities and countries, you end up saving your money."

5. Shelby Bullard: "My favorite experience was getting to meet and talk to the agencies. It's so awesome to know you're being considered by the same agents that represent supermodels." 

What did you learn and can share with someone attending AR next year?

1. Sha'Terrica Hyder: "Something I learned from AR is to never take any advice for granted. Everybody there has your best interest in mind so take notes! Secondly, always stay humble. You never know when it might be your time to shine or if someone wants to work with you because they remembered your humility."

2. Jason Bergstrom: "I learned more about what agents are looking for and how important it is to know your look. Certain cities have a need for certain looks and knowing your look will help you determine expectations on which agencies you should strive to get a call back from."

3. Phenix: " Never stop working on your dreams. Perfect your craft. All it takes is one person to believe you have an ounce of potential. That one person will eventually come along. Don't stop before you meet them."

4. Kasey Tupa: "One of the best things I learned this AR was that just because an agency didn't call you back after the runway doesn't mean that you have no shot with them whatsoever. I had quite a few agencies that didn't call me back; however, after seeing them at open calls and showing them my book, they ended up taking my digitals and requesting for my book to be sent to them. So definitely do not be discouraged! Just take advantage of open calls and market yourself like crazy!"

5. Emily Matheny: "My advice to anyone participating in AR is to always remain positive and professional. Whether you receive 0 callbacks or 30, know that these are just numbers and they do not determine your success. You must stay grounded and keep at it. I have been to AR for four years now and I keep coming back because I know this is an unparalleled experience where I learn something new every year. You never know who is watching you grow and when you're going to get a chance to make your dreams come true."

We loved how involved our models and talent were in their careers and how much effort they put into molding their futures. With the extreme dedication and stresses of meeting the agents, we were glad some of our models were able to relax a bit with our Promotions and Marketing Coordinator Devon Sells. Check out this amazing and hilarious music video they made!!

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