Monday, June 30, 2014

Hellion Comes Out July 4!

Coming soon to Sundance Cinemas on July 4: Hellion starring Aaron Paul (from Breaking Bad), Juliette Lewis (from August Osage County) and Josh Wiggins.

“A STARTLING AND MEMORABLE PORTRAIT OF ADOLESCENT LIFE. A white-hot breakthrough performance from teenage actor Josh Wiggins.” –Salon "Pick of the Week"
PROFOUND AND POWERFUL. One of Hollywood’s most realistic examinations of rural high school angst since FridayNight Lights. IN A SUMMER OF CLATTER AND CLUTTER, HELLION MAKES A RACKET WORTH NOTICING.” –USA Today
"Hellion" is a well-observed and patiently told story, with one good scene after another, feature AMAZING PERFORMANCES ACROSS THE BOARD, but particularly from newcomer Josh Wiggins"

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