Monday, June 23, 2014

We Will Miss You Brooke!

Friday was our wonderful Talent Agent Brooke's last day and we already miss her so much! She has done an amazing job and definitely left her mark here. We're catching up on Brooke's final words about her journey here at Page Parkes!

1. What was your favorite booking? 
I really loved every booking... From local print to feature films. I just enjoyed telling the talent they were booked and letting them know their hard work was paying off.

 One of my favorite projects was a commercial shot in Costa Rica for two of our actors. I wanted to hop on the plane with them! Also, we had a few guys booked for a Men's Warehouse shoot through Dolores Jackson. That booking led to Adam Duncan having a huge Men's Warehouse ad in GQ... That was really cool.

 2. What are your most memorable experiences?
 I have so many great memories. First, every day in the booking room is eventful- there is never a dull moment. Agent Review is always a blast. There is a lot of work leading up to the event, but it's fun to see old friends and clients that come into town. I loved getting to meet people in person- we communicate so much via phone and email... It was always nice finally putting a face to a name.

 One of my favorite things was auditioning people for the agency. I will never forget Kamryn Johnson's audition with her bag of Cheetos. That girl sold me on some Cheetos. 

3. What will you miss most out of your day?
I will miss working with the amazing PP actors, kids, and their parents. Not only are our actors talented, but they are also just awesome people. I've learned so much from the people we represent and their families and will miss working with them on a daily basis.

 4. What's the best advice you can give to a future Page Parkes talent?
 A lot of talent don't understand that it's their career- we are just working to help them. It's important for talent to do everything they can to build their resume...That involves training, working on low budget projects, getting into theater, etc. Also, be friendly to everyone in this industry... You never know where you could see someone again. :)

Thank you so much Brooke for all of your hard work, passion, and love for this company and all of talent! In the time honored tradition, Brooke concluded her day by writing her name on the bottom of the booking room table along with all of the other agents that have sat there. Good luck with all of your future endeavors and have fun being the best Mom!

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