Monday, August 11, 2014

#ModelMonday: Romina von Mohr!

Our #ModelMonday goes out to model and rockstar musician Romina von Mohr! Romina has been modeling for Page Parkes for a long time and is now a singer and bass player for the band Crashing Colors. Here is your chance to get to know this talented and gorgeous individual a better!

1. How did you end up at Page Parkes and how has she helped you on your journey?
I heard about Page Parkes through a friend years ago. I got signed with the agency very young, and reached out to Page through Facebook. Page and all my amazing agents have helped me develop as a model and understand how to be professional and successful in this industry.  One of my biggest influences so far has been Page's drive and personality; She knows how to bring out the fullest potential in everyone around her, me included.

2. What's it like playing for a band and what/who inspires your music creativity?
Playing in a band is crazy!!! I spend my time writing, playing and promoting Crashing Colors' music and interacting with eccentric and interesting people.  And it's an amazing feeling to be able connect with fans through music. What inspires my music creativity is knowing that with enough hard work, one day I will be able to influence a lot of people to be happy and do good things for our world.
3. How long have you been modeling for PP and what advice can you give to New Faces?
I did model camp at the Page Parkes school when I was 13 years old.  I am 19 now and its been a delightful journey so far. My advice for New faces is to remember to always be humble and honest with people. A smile really goes a long way to help you and your clients stay motivated and happy. Owning up to your mistakes shows that you are mature and confident. 

4. What's your favorite and least favorite thing in London?
My favorite thing about London was being surrounded by so many fascinating people. All of my friends there were of different races and nationalities. In a melting pot of culture, I always felt inspired and proud of my Mexican roots.  My least favorite thing was without a doubt the Winter....... Although the city was always bustling, I found the cold very tough to face. So to overcome it, I basically hibernated and wrote loads of music until lovely Spring sunshine came and made me an extrovert once more.

5. What music school in London did you attend and what was it like going to school in another country?
I went to The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance in London and studied Songwriting. Going to school there was eye opening to the wondrous world of the music industry. The British really know how to write good songs, and that's why I chose to study there.  Also,  living in a 2 bedroom apartment with my 4 piece band was a learning experience of its own. We are essentially a family now. And I cant wait to show the world what Crashing Colors and I have accomplished in our year abroad.

We are so proud of Romina's accomplishments and love hearing about her journey from Page Parkes all the way to London! Don't forget to follow her band Crashing Colors on Facebook here!

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