Friday, October 31, 2014

Talent Crissy Henderson Launches Willow Grace Beauty!

We wanted to congratulate Dallas talent Crissy Henderson on the launch of her new makeup brand "Willow Grace Beauty"! This cosmetic brand focuses on bringing fun and positivity to beauty lovers and domestic violence survivors. Let's get to know Crissy a bit better and why she decided to create WGB! 

1. How were you scouted and what stood out to you about Page Parkes?
A good friend of mine was represented there and he loved his agent. I just moved back from Los Angeles and needed an agent here in Dallas so I could continue my passion. I had a meeting and they signed me right a way. :) I love Page Parkes because everyone is super awesome. I had good vibes there so I knew it’s where I wanted to go. 

2. What inspired you to create Willow Grace Beauty?
I wanted to create the brand to give domestic violence survivors/victims love and support. Willow Grace Beauty helps with their recovery and journey to feel beautiful again, not only on the outside but the inside too. A portion of all proceeds goes to Genesis Women’s Shelter. I chose them because they were a huge help in my recovery from the abusive relationship I was in with my ex fiancĂ© who I have a child with. It was a hard healing process and just going through it all was draining in all areas of my life. When I started to feel better again, I knew I needed to help other victims. The brand is not only makeup- It’s a supportive community of girls and women. 

3. Are there any tips you can share for a quick fresh everyday look?
Use moisturizer! I’m obsessed! My fav go-tos are Mary Kay and Epicuren. I slather them on all day long. I also use my Willow Grace Beauty lip plump in "Sheer Kiss" and I will throw on some MODELco mascara for my daily look.

4. What is one beauty product you cannot live without?
My lip plump of course!! It is literally the best on the market (not to brag but it is!). :) We are cruelty free and all plant based. It not only plumps the lips, but heals chapped and softens lips. In addition, it smoothes out wrinkles, fills in deep grooves with our special patented line fill, and restores your face to a more youthful look. It retails for $27. It is definitely more inexpensive than other brands and has way more skin healing benefits!

5. How does Willow Grace Beauty differentiate from other cosmetic brands? 
 We’re not just a cosmetic brand- We’re a community of girls and women all helping one another to feel empowered, inspired, and beautiful.

Thank you so much for taking time out to share your story Crissy! We are so excited to see more from Willow Grace Beauty and congrats on being an inspiration for so many girls and women out there!

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