Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Welcome to Page Parkes, Levi Stocke!

 We are so excited to welcome model Levi Stocke to the Page Parkes Dallas family! From being considered one of the most stylish guys on Instagram by Topman and VH1 to working Levi and Sprint's biggest campaigns, he is definitely one to watch. We were able to catch up with him for a mini interview. We cannot wait to see more from him and stay tuned for his Total Takeover on our Instagram (@pageparkescorp) soon!!

1. How were you discovered and how did your modeling career begin? 
I was shopping for beer and soup at Ralph's grocery in Glendale, CA when Yvonne from Armstrong casting approached me. She asked if I had considered modeling and that she had a client that she thought would like to meet me... That client was Levi's.

 2. How would you describe your personal style? Any specific influences? 
Not sure exactly what to call my style because anything I usually wear I rip up or end up making my own modifications to it haha.

3. Last movie you watched and what song did you last listen to? 
Last movie I watched was "Stake Land" and the last thing I listened to was The Clash "Bank Robber."

 4. What's the most interesting place you have traveled thus far in your career? 
Actually Hawaii. It was cool to get to shoot somewhere so beautiful because usually I shoot in dark places.

 5. What are 5 things you cannot live without? 
Music, friends, Harley, guitar, and a toothbrush.

Designer Christian Benner || Kate Moss wearing Christian Benner custom tee in W Magazine Sept 2014

 6. What are your thoughts about all of the Fashion Weeks so far?Looking amazing! Check out Christian Benner out of NYC. He's a friend of mine and blowing up. Designs are excellent.

 7. How did you become a part of Page Parkes Dallas?
My mother agency (LA Models) recommended me and I was impressed with Page Parkes Dallas representation and how friendly everyone was.

8. You were named "Top 10 Insanely Gorgeous Men With Facial Hair to Follow on Instagram" by VH1 last year. When did you decide to grow out your beard and how has it affected your career? 
I have always had some facial hair but wanted to see what I looked like with a beard so I let it go. When I was discovered I had just started growing my beard but decided to just keep growing it.

Thanks so much for taking time out of your busy schedule to chit chat with us Levi! Remember to follow him on Instagram (@levistocke)!

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