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Monday, November 17, 2014

Fashion x Dallas Show

Photo featured in Nakid Magazine

We loved seeing our models walk down the runway of one of the largest and most prestigious fashion events in Texas: Fashion x Dallas! This event was produced Caplan Miller and Matt Swinney (creator of Austin Fashion Week) in collaboration with Fashion Industry Gallery (FIG). It exhibits some of the most talented, emerging designers in the country as well as designers (and winners!) from the hit series Project Runway All Stars. To see every designer involved, visit here!

All of our models loved paving the way to such an amazing step in the profession of fashion in Texas. We caught up with a few of them to get an insight of their experiences in Fashion x Dallas!

Charlotte Stevens in Mysterious by NPN. Photo from and featured on The Perennial Style.

"Oh my gosh, it was such a fantastic experience to walk in Fashion X Dallas!  It was such a huge event with so much energy and the collections were just beautiful.  Each designer had such a different vibe and it's hard to pick one favorite.  I guess I would have to say I loved the clothes from Mysterious by Nicholas Nguyen .  The colors and the drape of the fabrics were just amazing. I felt like a princess!!!"

Chloe Nguyen in Laura Kathleen. Photo by Stephanie Drenka Photography featured on Eat.Style.Dallas.

"I don't go to Dallas very often, so it was very exciting to be there! I was blown away by the work of all the designers, hair and makeup artists, people running the actual shows, and everyone else that helped in the production. My favorite outfit to walk in was probably the one I wore for Laura Kathleen. I wore these black leggings with an amazing gold and black cape/jacket, and I felt so freakin' cool in it."

Alex Elizabeth in Rare Trends with Sarah Tierney, Taylor Hilton, and Christi Schaefer.

"It was so much fun walking in FX Dallas, I made so many new friends and got to walk in a ton of great clothes! My favorite outfit to walk in was probably the opening look for Rare Trends, I absolutely adored the shoes and the cute bright red skirt!"

Kenny Gardner in Edo Popken. Photo by Jonathan Huo featured in Texas Lifestyle Magazine.

"I really enjoyed walking in Fashion X Dallas 2014 show. I had the opportunity to walk for all three men's lines that were featured in the show. 

Edo Popken has his own unique style. The European tailored style fit has a strong, intense personality to it. It gives you a very commanding, and authoritative confidence. Wearing Edo Popken's line makes you feel very in control of the entire room. 

One phrase that accurately describes The Ross Bennett Collection is "stylish, expressive fun." His line is about being free, expressing yourself with no regards, and having fun while doing it. His very contemporary style, gives you all the confidence to be who you are. Walking for his line makes you feel as if you can not do anything wrong as long as you stay true to yourself. 

 League of Rebels brings a very sleek, smooth style to the individual. This is the line that gives you that type of cool, debonair attitude. It's a design that brings out a strong, seducing look out of your eye. League of Rebels is a great name for this line, because it is definitely in a league of its own."

Jon Glenn in League of Rebels. Photo by Jonathan Huo featured in Texas Lifestyle Magazine.

"Being able to walk for Fashion X Dallas was so much fun! Opening for the League of Rebel's line was incredible; the great suit, top hat, and accompanying umbrella made that outfit my favorite look of the night."

Hailey Krieg looks fun and youthful in a colorful mini dress by Adrienne Yunger!
Photo by Jonathan Huo featured in Texas Lifestyle Magazine.

How handsome does Brandon Lee look in Edo Popken? Truly a suit perfect for Gatsby!
Photo by Stephanie Drenka Photography featured on Eat.Style.Dallas.

Capes are here to stay! We are totally coveting this Nine Muses modern, white cape jacket.
Annie Camblin in Nine Muses featured on Nakid Magazine.

Page Parkes with models Katarina Richter, Taylor Dixon, Alex Elizaeth, Kelsie Moody, Taylor Hilton, and Holly Draper in Rare Trends.

Fashion x Dallas literally was an event that showcased outfits for every type of fashionista. Whether you are a dapper gentleman, edgy girl, or sophisticated woman who appreciates an ethereal gown, there was something for everyone to obsess over! We cannot thank everyone enough for being part of such a phenomenal show.

Victoria Monette for Last Call!

How adorable and chic does Victoria Monette look in the latest video for Neiman Marcus Last Call featured in Brooklyn, New York?!

The "Gilmore Girls" Are Reuniting!

We are too excited to hear about our very own Page Parkes alum Alexis Bledel reuniting with actress Lauren Graham and producer/writer Amy Sherman-Palladino for the anticipated reunion of Gilmore Girls! The reunion is to take place in June 2015 and we certainly cannot wait!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Don't Forget to Sign Up for "Acting Outside the Box"!

Don't forget to sign up for "Acting Outside the Box: Expect the Unexpected" if you haven't already! There is limited spacing to for the 2-day event on Camera Acting with Price Hall and casting director Kathy Brinker. We hope to see you this weekend!

Victoria Monette for Superior Magazine

We are obsessing over this cool and modern editorial in Superior Magazine featuring our girl Victoria Monette! Looking amazing as always Victoria!!

Sunday, November 09, 2014

Becky Hollands S/S 2015 Fashion Show

From the moment she met Page Parkes, whom she considers her "Fashion Godmother," Becky has utilized her love of fashion as a vehicle for philanthropy and hopes to inspire others through her path as a designer, while combining her passion to give back to the community.

Our models were recently seen strutting down the "Fashion for a Passion" catwalk for Becky Hollands' S/S 2015 collection along with other Asian-American designers! In Becky's collection, we were able to witness a modern printed full skirt, touches of luxurious ostrich feathers, and sophisticated draping. Whether your style leans towards classic little black dresses or more progressive silhouettes, Hollands' show includes something for any woman who has good taste and appreciates clean lines.

Annie Camblin (photographed by Hubert Duong of Saru Photography)

Hayley O' Neal (photographed by David Loi)

Sunny Adams (photographed by David Loi)

Maddie Gray (photographed by David Loi)

Paulyna Odelein (photographed by David Loi)

Consulate Wilson (photographed by Hubert Duong of Saru Photography)

Misha Nguyen photographed by David Loi

Becky Hollands with her designs

Page Parkes behind the scenes pre-show! (Photo by Hubert Duong of Sara Photography)

Page Parkes (wearing custom made Becky Hollands Atelier) with two gowns auctioned off for donation!

After the show, we were able to catch up with the busy, lady of the hour! We've come to learn about Becky's inspirations and how Page Parkes has helped mold a bit of her fashion career.

1. How did you meet Page Parkes and how has she helped you on your journey?
Believe it or not, I met my Fashion Godmother, Page, on the airplane when I was a little girl and over a decade ago! Page had sat next to me on a flight back to Houston. I was talking about my wanting to be a fashion designer and majoring in Apparel Design and Manufacturing. Page took a liking to me and gave me her card and suggested that I work for her. Three months later, Jennifer, the Creative Director at the time called me back, and I worked for Page that summer. My experience was invaluable. I learned the importance of aesthetics and composition through photography and how important models are in the fashion world as they are the structure and base of presenting your clothing/product to its best potential.

 2. When did you realize you wanted to become a designer? 
I’ve always loved fashion. As a little girl, I remember I always went to high tea and shopping with my mother after school in Hong Kong. I think my fascination of clothing developed then.

3. What inspired you to create this collection and how would you describe it?
My work is often described as modern and timeless with a note of "effortlessness." This “modern sophisticate” evolves season to season. I also like to live vicariously through her. She was a “Diamond in the Rough” for the Spring/Summer 14 Collection and evolved into the “Jetsetter” for the Fall/Winter 2014 Collection. She is now “The Socialite” for the Spring/Summer 2015 collection.

4. What was it like debuting your collection in Dallas?
Debuting my Spring/Summer 2015 “The Socialite” collection was amazing. I couldn’t wait to share my vision as a designer. I had the opportunity to dress my Fashion Godmother in Becky Hollands Atelier! She looked amazing.

 5. Who are your designer inspirations and what is one fashion trend you love right now?
My inspiration comes from my love of art, architecture, and my own bi-cultural upbringing. Growing up in a family with both Chinese and British parents, I learned the balance of expressing my ideas liberally yet in the most exquisite manner. I like to incorporate personal experiences and passions as inspirations for my designs. I am not a big fashion trend follower although I am aware of the current trends.

6. What can we look forward to next season already? Any sneak peeks?
Currently, I am inspired by my students at Workshop Houston. Workshop Houston offers innovative youth development programs through our four shops: the Chopper Shop (welding and metal fabrication), the Beat Shop (music production), the Style Shop (fashion and graphic design) and the Scholar Shop (tutoring and academic enrichment).

As Style Shop Coordinator, my goal is to inspire them to think about who they really are as individuals, how to express themselves, and developing their own style. Many of my students wear hijabs. Stay tuned to see how I may be incorporating it into my Fall/Winter 2015 Collection!

Congratulations Becky on a phenomenal show and we appreciate your time in allowing our readers to get a glimpse of who you are! To see more information about Becky Hollands, visit her website here and follow her journey on Instagram (@bhollands)!

Friday, November 07, 2014

Lauren & Chloe Nguyen for Andre Redou Lookbook

How phenomenal do models Lauren and Chloe Nguyen look in designer Andre Redou's new collection?! Andre is a fashion designer known for his avant garde aesthetic and will be furthering his career in London shortly. The Lookbook was shot by photographer Collin Kelly, with creative directing by Leslie Rivas Kelly, and Hair/Makeup by Bianca Linette.

 Chloe Nguyen

Lauren Nguyen

Lauren Nguyen on left, Chloe Nguyen on right

 Lauren Nguyen on left, Chloe Nguyen on right

Lauren Nguyen

 Lauren Nguyen on left, Chloe Nguyen on right

Chloe Nguyen

Thursday, November 06, 2014

Exclusive Interview with Top Model Tyson Ballou

Our #ThrowBackThursday goes to one of the most down-to-earth models we know: Tyson Ballou! From Garland, Texas to the runways of Dolce and Gabbana, Bottega Veneta, and Versace, Tyson has definitely made his mark in the fashion industry. We were able to catch up with the busy top model (recently featured in GQ Russia and Details Magazine) to give our readers an inside look of the life of one of the most successful male models worldwide.

1. How were you scouted and what stood out to you about Page Parkes Agency?
I actually met Page in L.A. at an IMTA along with many other agents from all over the country.  I was only 16 at the time (or maybe 15) and because I was still in school, I was anxious to have a home-based agency in Dallas to look after me.  Page and her colleague at the convention were all smiles and very sweet to talk to as I remember.  So, I called them up first thing when I got back to Dallas.  As I got older and received more work, Page Parkes hooked me up with interviews to other NYC agencies and I ended up working with Ford for a few years.

2. How has your modeling career changed this past decade for you?
It has shifted a bit more to the jobs that look for a more "mature men's look."  Fewer work days a year, but good jobs with big fees.  I'm very happy with how lucky I've been these last few years.

3. You've modeled and walked for the biggest names in the fashion industry. Which campaign and runway show has been the most memorable for you?
I've done my share of pavement pounding in Milan, Paris, London, Spain and NY and I guess Versace comes to mind as I did a long stint with the crew headed by Donatella.  It's such an iconic brand with lavish style. The shows always exuded strength and masculinity with flash and sex appeal.  It was a chaotic party and I have a lot of fun memories from it.

4. What has been the biggest challenge you have faced as a model?
The biggest challenge for me was first to get into shape physically. After eating like a Texan and playing hard, I had to adjust and change a bunch of habits to fit the clothes.  Also, becoming confident or at least exuding confidence with so much attention focused on my appearance (good and bad) was tough.  I still struggle with it at times.

5. What do you miss most about Texas?
 Probably my family and a few close friends.  I've made a lot more trips back the last couple of years. And it's always good to see that big Texas sky in addition to eating barbecue and Tex Mex!

6. Any advice you can give to all of the aspiring models out there? What makes a model successful?
Just be aware that it is a fickle business and realize that what is in your control is you. Take care of your body, be professional, and be a joy to work with.  If you don't take yourself too seriously and focus more on what your client's goal is, you can take chances and be less inhibited in front of the camera.

Thank you Tyson for such great advice and allowing our readers to get to know you better! For more information on Tyson's modeling career, check him out here on

SPOTTED: Anna Robertson on

SPOTTED: Our gorgeous girl Anna Robertson modeling during Fashion Week for Ann Yee F/W 2015 collection, which is currently featured on! To read more about "Moody Violet Lipsticks", take a look here.

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Testimony Tuesday

We always appreciate hearing from the wonderful parents of our talent and models! This Testimony Tuesday features the biggest supporters of our rising star Lauren Vogan.

"Dear Page, 

 Pardon the lack of brevity here... A formal thank you will go out today, but please allow me to elaborate our gratitude via email. :) 

We were so thrilled with the beginning statement of "You are not ready yet." We were so looking for guidance. None of us is anxious or aiming for Lauren to be a "star," including Lauren. We are simply wanting to find opportunities for her to do what she enjoys. Lauren has done several "free" acting jobs, and we have been thankful for those opportunities as well as the jobs that pay because they all just provide her the chance to feed her insatiable desire to act. That's all we are desiring.

Most importantly, we cannot stress the immense amount of gratitude Scott and I have for you carving out time to discuss with an 11 year old the concept of "her business." We were beyond thrilled as you spent priceless time explaining what we as her parents have been striving to explain to her. Coming from you, the impact was far greater. Yesterday afternoon will be a meeting Lauren will forever remember. Empowering her to think of this journey as "her business" is beyond valuable. Showing her how to operate as a business and the impact her business has on others will be important as she grows and gains more experience. Giving her the power of realizing her business impacts yours as she enters the years of peer pressure sets her up for success now as she prepares to ensure her business makes good impressions through those pre-teen and teenage years. That was so powerful. 

Scott and I have both worked hard as adults - beginning as college students and working full time while in college and then beyond - to achieve the success we are thankful to have now. Success takes time, effort, and planning. We are grateful that you shared with her what we share with her. Yet you applied it specifically to the details of this business which, again, was so powerful.

We are forever grateful. What you taught her yesterday will apply to whatever she does in life. It was the perfect message. 

 We can't thank you enough. Honestly. Truly. 

 Kindly, Jodi and Scott"

Keep on shining Lauren!! We are so proud of you and love being a part of your journey to stardom!