Thursday, November 06, 2014

Exclusive Interview with Top Model Tyson Ballou

Our #ThrowBackThursday goes to one of the most down-to-earth models we know: Tyson Ballou! From Garland, Texas to the runways of Dolce and Gabbana, Bottega Veneta, and Versace, Tyson has definitely made his mark in the fashion industry. We were able to catch up with the busy top model (recently featured in GQ Russia and Details Magazine) to give our readers an inside look of the life of one of the most successful male models worldwide.

1. How were you scouted and what stood out to you about Page Parkes Agency?
I actually met Page in L.A. at an IMTA along with many other agents from all over the country.  I was only 16 at the time (or maybe 15) and because I was still in school, I was anxious to have a home-based agency in Dallas to look after me.  Page and her colleague at the convention were all smiles and very sweet to talk to as I remember.  So, I called them up first thing when I got back to Dallas.  As I got older and received more work, Page Parkes hooked me up with interviews to other NYC agencies and I ended up working with Ford for a few years.

2. How has your modeling career changed this past decade for you?
It has shifted a bit more to the jobs that look for a more "mature men's look."  Fewer work days a year, but good jobs with big fees.  I'm very happy with how lucky I've been these last few years.

3. You've modeled and walked for the biggest names in the fashion industry. Which campaign and runway show has been the most memorable for you?
I've done my share of pavement pounding in Milan, Paris, London, Spain and NY and I guess Versace comes to mind as I did a long stint with the crew headed by Donatella.  It's such an iconic brand with lavish style. The shows always exuded strength and masculinity with flash and sex appeal.  It was a chaotic party and I have a lot of fun memories from it.

4. What has been the biggest challenge you have faced as a model?
The biggest challenge for me was first to get into shape physically. After eating like a Texan and playing hard, I had to adjust and change a bunch of habits to fit the clothes.  Also, becoming confident or at least exuding confidence with so much attention focused on my appearance (good and bad) was tough.  I still struggle with it at times.

5. What do you miss most about Texas?
 Probably my family and a few close friends.  I've made a lot more trips back the last couple of years. And it's always good to see that big Texas sky in addition to eating barbecue and Tex Mex!

6. Any advice you can give to all of the aspiring models out there? What makes a model successful?
Just be aware that it is a fickle business and realize that what is in your control is you. Take care of your body, be professional, and be a joy to work with.  If you don't take yourself too seriously and focus more on what your client's goal is, you can take chances and be less inhibited in front of the camera.

Thank you Tyson for such great advice and allowing our readers to get to know you better! For more information on Tyson's modeling career, check him out here on


Anonymous said...

Love Tyson! Beauty aside, he always comes across as so thoughtful and humble in interviews. Could you please show us some of his early catalog work when he lived in Dallas on this blog? I've never found anything online. Thanks for the interview, what a TBT treat!

The Page Parkes Corporation said...

Hi there! Unfortunately I do not have access to that work. If you google "Tyson Ballou Catalog Work" you should find some of his earlier work! :) Have a great day and thanks for reading!