Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Testimony Tuesday

We always appreciate hearing from the wonderful parents of our talent and models! This Testimony Tuesday features the biggest supporters of our rising star Lauren Vogan.

"Dear Page, 

 Pardon the lack of brevity here... A formal thank you will go out today, but please allow me to elaborate our gratitude via email. :) 

We were so thrilled with the beginning statement of "You are not ready yet." We were so looking for guidance. None of us is anxious or aiming for Lauren to be a "star," including Lauren. We are simply wanting to find opportunities for her to do what she enjoys. Lauren has done several "free" acting jobs, and we have been thankful for those opportunities as well as the jobs that pay because they all just provide her the chance to feed her insatiable desire to act. That's all we are desiring.

Most importantly, we cannot stress the immense amount of gratitude Scott and I have for you carving out time to discuss with an 11 year old the concept of "her business." We were beyond thrilled as you spent priceless time explaining what we as her parents have been striving to explain to her. Coming from you, the impact was far greater. Yesterday afternoon will be a meeting Lauren will forever remember. Empowering her to think of this journey as "her business" is beyond valuable. Showing her how to operate as a business and the impact her business has on others will be important as she grows and gains more experience. Giving her the power of realizing her business impacts yours as she enters the years of peer pressure sets her up for success now as she prepares to ensure her business makes good impressions through those pre-teen and teenage years. That was so powerful. 

Scott and I have both worked hard as adults - beginning as college students and working full time while in college and then beyond - to achieve the success we are thankful to have now. Success takes time, effort, and planning. We are grateful that you shared with her what we share with her. Yet you applied it specifically to the details of this business which, again, was so powerful.

We are forever grateful. What you taught her yesterday will apply to whatever she does in life. It was the perfect message. 

 We can't thank you enough. Honestly. Truly. 

 Kindly, Jodi and Scott"

Keep on shining Lauren!! We are so proud of you and love being a part of your journey to stardom! 

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