Monday, February 02, 2015

Madeline McDonald Goes to L.A.!

Our talented star Madeline McDonald recently traveled to Los Angeles with her agent Stefanie and Page Parkes! We are so excited to hear that Madeline was confirmed for the lead role as Carley in the upcoming film Oildale! Her role in Oildale is about a 19-year-old breakout country singer, which basically describes Madeline's own journey and life right now! She has produced her first album in Nashville and is quickly rising to the top.

During the trip, Page Parkes and Madeline attended dinner with Seymour Stein (President of SIRUS Records and VP of Warner Bros) and her music producer Mark Potter! We definitely see big plans in Madeline's future and cannot wait to see where life takes her!

Page Parkes with casting director Ricki Maisler!

Madeline, Stefanie, Page, with actress Brook Burns!

Page with Karen Lee and Giorgio Barbieri!

Page Parkes-Eveleth commented not only is she talented but she has an amazing family and God has his hand in this. This is bigger than anything I could do alone as an agent!!

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