Tuesday, April 07, 2015

Max Warner Books National Commercial

If you have children, you may recognize Page Parkes talent Max Warner from Disney Channel’s show A.N.T. Farm. Now you can also see him in a national commercial for Southwest Airlines! Way to go Max!!

We talked to Max about his desire to become an actor, his time and training at Page Parkes, and, of course, his experience filming a national commercial! See his answers below.

I know your mom is a huge supporter of your career; how did she help you get started?  

My mom took me to Page Parkes after someone called and said they saw my picture at The Woodlands Mall. She started taking me to classes there and then also to California.

Were you nervous when you auditioned for such a huge national commercial with Southwest Airlines?

Yes. While I was waiting in the lobby to audition, I could hear "The Chicken Dance" playing through the door. I figured I was going to have to do that dance and I didn't know how. I grabbed my phone and looked it up on You Tube. Luckily, they wanted someone who was awkward and not too great at dancing.

What did you feel like the first time you saw it on TV?

I was surprised! I was watching Sunday Night Football and it kept airing during the game.  People were calling and texting me from all different states.

Of course, we had to talk with Heather, Max's mom; she is his biggest supporter!

Why did you bring him to Page Parkes?

I showed up to his school kindergarten play and saw he was the lead—he had never mentioned it! I told him there was a request from a place called Page Parkes to see him about modeling/acting. They had seen his photo at The Woodlands Mall. Max asked me several times if I would please call them for an appointment. I knew very little about the agency, but immediately felt comfortable with the reps there and signed Max up for training and lined up his first photo shoot. 

I know Page is a huge supporter of Max; how does it feel to have someone so influential helping Max along the way?

I don't even know where to begin with that question! Page has always felt Max had that "it" factor. She has never wavered in her belief that he has a special look and talent. Her support goes beyond encouraging words, however. There is never a time, no matter where Max and I are in the country when I can't call Page and ask for help with agents or casting. Her passion for her talent and the families is something I have never seen anywhere else to this day. 

We already spoke to Max about his feelings when he first saw the commercial; what were your feelings? 

Incredibly proud and thrilled for him! It was great news to hear it was airing in prime television hours like Sunday Night Football! 

Make sure to keep an eye out for Max! Until next time.

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