Friday, May 08, 2015

Fashion Friday: Austin Fashion Week

We were so proud to join forces with Austin Fashion Week this year and be their model partner!
 So, for this week’s Fashion Friday, we are reminiscing about the glorious AFW! The lights, the cameras, the fashion...the entire week was nothing short of spectacular. Of course, how could an event packed with garments designed by incredible artists such as Project Runway's Anthony Ryan Auld, Gail Chovan, Cristal Martinez, and worn by our stunning Page Parkes models be anything short of spectacular?!? 
Recently, we had the immense pleasure of chatting with the man behind the entire event...Matt Swinney!

When you first developed the concept of Austin Fashion Week, did you have any idea it would become the largest fashion industry event in Texas?

MATT: I knew there was potential to develop something great. With high quality event production, I knew we could offer something that hadn’t been offered in our market or neighboring markets before.   

If you could travel back and impart one piece of wisdom to your younger self, what would that be? 

MATT: I don’t know that I’d really impart any wisdom honestly. I truly believe that successes and failures come from experience. I don’t think there’s a way to fast forward to the good parts. I’m certainly smarter today than I was when I was younger, but if my current self could tell my younger self something important, I’m not sure my younger self would listen anyway!

You founded Austin Fashion Week six years ago. How do you continually stay inspired, and successfully come back each year with bigger and better events? 

 MATT: When I see designers like Isabella Rose and Mysterious by NPN grow and flourish, it’s inspiring to forge ahead. In addition, viewing new collections by seasoned designers like Gail Chovan, makes it all worthwhile. I also appreciate a sense of discovery- like Allison Mitchell’s cool handbags and I’m eager to share with people who attend AFW.

What is your favorite aspect of planning these shows? 
 MATT: The submission process is really fun. Seeing new designers from as close as Dallas to as far as New York or Australia who want to show in Texas markets.

I always like to ask one fun and kind of funky question. When planning events, do you prefer a good old fashion day planner, or do you use your smart phone calendar? 
MATT: I finally converted about a year ago to iCal for everything. But it was a hard transition. My wife Kara still uses a day planner with paper and a pencil (so she can erase) and I look at it longingly from time to time. I do still take notes in an old-fashioned notebook and my to-do list is often on a random sheet of paper.

We loved getting a glimpse inside the brilliant and creative mind of Mr. Swinney. Thanks to Matt, Texas has found a place on the fashion map with Austin Fashion Week, giving our models the opportunity to walk for some very talented artists. Just look at how stunning Shelby Bullard looks in these gorgeous garments!
Of course Page, looking as beautiful as ever, was in attendance to support all of her Page Parkes Models!
Ms. Parkes was accompanied by Richard Reens, Jessye Padilla, and the incredibly-talented Zac Kellog!

If you missed the 2015 Austin Fashion Week, don’t worry, time is flying by and next year’s event will be here before you know it! Make sure to follow us, and stay updated on all of our exciting Page Parkes news!

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