Friday, June 05, 2015

Cameron Gilbert for Texas Health Resources

Here at Page Parkes, we work with numerous, incredibly talented individuals, but did you know that many of our Page Parkes models and actors are multi-talented? Take Page Parkes model Cameron Gilbert, for example; not only is Cameron a successful model, but he is also a collegiate soccer player!  

Cameron picked up soccer after his local rec center told his parents he was too young to play baseball. While his family knew nothing about the sport, three-year-old Cameron was eager to learn, and he is now an NCAA athlete, playing for Dallas Baptist University! We recently had the pleasure of chatting with Cameron, and got the inside scoop on how he got his start as a Page Parkes model!

How did you get your start in modeling?
 At the University I play soccer for (Dallas Baptist University) I befriended a girl who played on the volleyball team. Her name was Taylor Jones and she just happened to be an intern for Page Parkes at the time. One day we were hanging out and she brought up Page Parkes and if I would ever be interested in pursuing modeling or acting. After asking her countless questions and hearing how much she loved working there I couldn't wait to meet the PP family.

What would be the best piece of advice you could share with others looking to get into modeling?
The best piece of advice I could give to someone wanting to pursue modeling or acting would be to just go for it! You never know what could possibly happen if you don't try. You have a unique look and style that is specific just to you that no one else in the world has. Going to one of the modeling camps at Page Parkes or using reliable resources around you would be a great place to start for someone with no modeling/acting background or knowledge. Not only will you get to pursue a dream career but you will get to meet so many awesome people and make life-long friends along the way.

Cameron, you recently tapped into your impressive soccer skills for a shoot for Texas Health Resources; tell us all about that experience!?
Shooting for Texas Health Resources has been one of the most fun shoots I have ever done! Being an athlete in the area I had heard of Texas Health Resources/Sports Medicine before so it was cool getting to work for a company that I was already pretty familiar with. When I had initially heard I was going to get to play soccer in front of the camera I was pretty pumped! It was something that came natural to me so I just let loose and got to have some fun. The shoot went perfectly and once we had gotten all of the shots we needed the crew even jumped in and played for a little bit... it was great!! Definitely an experience I won’t forget. 

Check out this killer photo, for Texas Health Resources, of Cameron combining his two passions...modeling and soccer!

Thank you, Cameron, for sharing your experience with us! We cannot wait to hear what you do next. 

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