Friday, June 26, 2015

Fashion Fusion

Fashion is a continual cycle; inspiration for new creations is constantly being drawn from the past, and nothing is a better representation of this than the recent Fashion Fusion runway show! The Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, teamed up with the design students of HCC to produce a truly stunning presentation. 
The designers worked tirelessly to create unique garments, inspired by the museum’s Habsburg Splendor exhibit, all complemented by extraordinary hairpieces and extreme make-up.

Of course, if anyone could pull off these grandiose costumes, it is our Page Parkes models! 
Taylor Hilton looked absolutely terrific in this animal-inspired look, complete with antlers!

Felicia Hernandez, accompanied by designer Alan Gonzalez, was fierce in an incredible, grey ensemble. The compilation of various fabrics flowed together effortlessly, to create a visually-striking garment, set off by a magnificent headpiece.

Erik Tjon had his runway debut at the fashion show, and looked incredibly dapper in a dandy-inspired, multi-piece suit, cape, and feathered cap designed by the beaming Bridget Fizer.

As always, Shelby Bullard appeared spectacular in a massive, sleeveless taupe gown, supported by historically-used hoops. The dress was accessorized with a sky-high, period-inspired wig with purple plumage, eye-catching jewelry, and a single lace hankie.

The entire show was a simply stunning affair, and left us hoping that some of these garments will make their way into everyday wear...a wig like that could come in handy on a bad hair day! Until next time...

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