Monday, July 06, 2015

Becky Hollands for Workshop Houston

Many years ago, on a flight out of Texas, a little girl sat on a plane next to a petite blonde and shared her dreams of becoming a fashion designer. Today, that little girl, Becky Hollands, has grown into a beautiful young woman and still tells the petite blonde, Page Parkes, about her dreams. Ms. Parkes is known for her ability to spot talent, whether on a plane, in a queue at Starbucks, or at her childrens’ school. Using her extensive network, she then facilitates connections with individuals who have the ability to help advance that talent. This leads us to the story of Becky Hollands and the inspiring program of Workshop Houston.

Page Parkes and Becky Hollands

Workshop Houston is an after-school program whose mission is "To provide youth with creative, technical, and educational resources" The program is broken up into "shops" that specialize in teaching the students unique and useful skills. There are the Scholarship Shop, Chopper Shop, Beat Shop, and Style Shop!

The Style Shop is where our Becky comes back into the story! Becky attended Texas Tech University, majoring in Apparel Design and Manufacturing, and is currently the Creative Director and Designer of the Becky Hollands Label; you can check out her collection here. However, she always kept in touch with Page, who put in a call and lined Ms. Hollands up with an interview with Workshop Houston, where she is now the Style Shop coordinator! Becky works long hours to not only grow her own brand, but pass on the skills she has learned to the young designers who are eager to create their own pieces.

Page, and Becky with her students.

Workshop Houston has become so successful it has now outgrown its facility!
We at Page Parkes were honored to attend their ground-breaking ceremony, and see the plans for their next step.

You can donate to the cause by clicking here and help out the lovely Becky and the other team members of Workshop Houston build their new facilities, enhancing their ability to reach more young people who are eager to learn and change their futures.

The entire event was incredibly inspiring; the turnout from the community and the excitement from the students were overwhelming.
Page even had a chance to speak to some of the kids and learn how Workshop Houston is changing their lives. 

The two girls featured above even performed an original rap, which they had written during their classes in the Beat Shop.
The group was extremely talented, and the entire crowd was swaying to their performances!

Christopher Knapp, Becky Hollands, Page Parkes, and Elizabeth Jones.

Big things are ahead for both Becky and Workshop Houston! We were supremely honored that Becky invited us to attend the ground breaking. We loved being able to meet her students, and see what a difference the opportunities that are offered at Workshop Houston are making in the lives of these children.

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