Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Teen M-Powerment

It is hard to be a teen these days...there is more pressure on teenagers than there has ever been. This is why Page Parkes has teamed up with acting coach, entrepreneur, and film director, Price Hall to bring you the Teen M-Powerment Workshop this August!!

We had the chance to talk a little bit with Mr. Hall about what can be expected from this great workshop! See our interview with Price below!

What was the personal inspiration behind the M-Powerment program?
As I have seen and experienced through my coaching of actors and my own experience of carving out a Life that certainly would not be considered a Normal / Traditional approach, I am very clear that it is a great challenge to follow your own heart and inner voice, without succumbing to the demands of the world or those who believe they know best, what you should be doing with your Life.  I believe we all enter this world with our very own purpose, but most humans are never really encouraged to discover it and pursue it.  This Workshop Series is meant as an early Wake Up call to young humans who are still aware of their inner calling, but need a bit of encouragement, a bit of insight from someone who has already tread the path, a beacon to fix onto to realize their own special purpose in Life.  And to launch them in that direction. 

Why should teens sign up for this workshop?
They should sign up to get connected to their inner voice, their souls, and to find encouragement and real world direction from people who have already been down that road, as to how to turn their dreams into reality.

Specifically directed to the parents, why should they sign their kids up for this workshop?
Very simply, to provide their children with direct access to creating and living a Life of satisfaction, driven by true passion and purpose, by getting in direct communication with their own Inner Voice.

You are a recognized expert in your field; what is a little tidbit of advice that the attendees of this workshop can expect to hear?
The Key to living a truly satisfying Life is to be Present as much of the time as you possibly can, present to your own inner voice, and trusting it above and beyond all others.  You won't be right 100% of the time, but you will be the Creator of your Life completely.  And at the end of the day, that is what really counts.

Make sure to sign up today...Spots are filling up quickly!

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