Tuesday, July 14, 2015

The Lee Girls

We love to brag about our talented models and actors, and we love sharing their inspiring stories! Let us introduce you to Angelina and Ariana Lee, two of our very talented young actresses and models! Angelina, at 12 years old, is the older of the two sisters, incredibly creative, and aspires to one day be a designer. Ariana is 10 years old, and hopes to be an author. After their parents had been told numerous times that they should get the girls involved in modeling and acting, their mom got in touch with Page, who insisted on meeting both of the girls herself.

Soon after, both Angelina and Ariana began attending Page Parkes acting classes where they started working to obtain the proper training to help them succeed in the industry. We spoke with their parents who said “Commercial success requires training and preparation.  If you/your children want to seriously pursue modeling or acting, you should articulate your goals, share them with professionals, and work together to develop a plan.” We also asked them what advice they would offer other parents looking to get their children involved in the industry, and they responded, “Start because of the experience and the opportunity for your child to gain confidence in presenting herself.” When asked what their experience had been as parents helping to guide their children in such an unknown industry, Mr. Lee said, “We've been coming to an understanding of what's involved in modeling and acting, beyond what's seen on television or on glossy pages. You need schedule flexibility, as there is short notice for auditions and for photo shoots.” 

We asked the girls what were their favorite jobs they have booked so far. Ariana loved the Chuck E. Cheese commercial she was featured in (watch by clicking HERE), and the time she got to walk for David Peck’s Spring 2014 fashion show. Angelina loved modeling for Academy!

Angelina and Ariana are not only successful and talented young models and actors, but they are both bilingual and are accomplished dancers, having performed with the Houston Ballet Academy for six and seven years, respectively! Be sure to click the photo below to watch Angelina's performance at the 2015 USA Showstopper where she placed first in her category!

Amazingly, there’s more…both girls are also highly-skilled fencers, having qualified to attend Nationals this July!! Check out these photos of them…wow, we wouldn't want to mess with these ladies!

The Page Parkes Corporation is made up of an incredibly-diverse group of talented boys and girls; the skills they learn while training to model and act affect the way they pursue other passions in life. We are so proud of these two young ladies, and how ardently they pursue their many interests

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