Monday, August 24, 2015

Kasey Cosgrove for Lucy's Magazine

It's Monday again, but to brighten your day we have this week’s #ModelMonday, featuring the stunning Kasey Cosrove! 
This redheaded Page Parkes model was recently photographed by the incredible Tonio Milano, for 
Lucy's Magazine!
We are still gushing over how gorgeous she looks, and how talented Tonio is; check out their photos below.

We hope these amazing photos of Kasey brighten your day!
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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

MD Anderson Fashion Show

We, at Page Parkes, had the great honor of teaming up with MD Anderson and Simon Malls for an adorable and heartwarming fashion show!
The beautiful children from MD Anderson, and our Page Parkes kids, showed us what an amazing fashion show looks like.
The young models were styled in the latest fall pieces, and were positively darling, as they strutted up and down the catwalk!

Check out these pictures from the show, courtesy of Select Studios, Arthur Garcia!

(Catherine Favoriti)

(Jander Black)

(Kamryn Johnson)

(Sophia Cogan)

(John Cogan)

(Reagan Eveleth, and Spencer Snow)

(Seth Thomas)

(Skyler Gasper)
Overall, the show was a hit, the kids had a blast, and we couldn't be prouder of everyone involved!!
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Until next time, Page Parkes family!

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Afrojack - SummerThing! ft. Mike Taylor

If you thought Tommie Cross couldn't possibly get any cooler...think again! Check out the handsome model in this music video by Afrojack, featuring the talented Mike Taylor. It is the perfect party song to help wrap up the summer; of course, we might be just a tad partial.

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Thursday, August 06, 2015

Exclusive with Ally Ertel

Get a sneak-peak into the life of international Page Parkes model, Ally Ertel, with this exclusive interview! This sweet girl is not only a Celine model and a runway star, (see her walking for Chanel Houte Coutre below), but she has a heart of gold, and we could not be prouder of her!

How did you first come to be involved with Page Parkes?
I was scouted by an amazing photographer friend of hers, Danny Cardozo, who introduced me to Page while we were all at a Tony Robbins conference. What I loved about working with Page from the beginning was that we had mutual interests of personal growth and making a positive difference in the world in whatever you do.

Do you remember the first photo shoot you ever had? 

Maybe not the first but one of the first tests I ever did. I did a little bit of modeling in high school with a different agency and I cringe looking back at the pictures now! I had no idea how to move my body or work with lighting or the clothing. Even after dozens now though, I feel like I'm still learning! Every photographer wants something different and every photo shoot can be a learning experience.

Where is the coolest place your modeling career has taken you? 

I got to go to Kingston, Jamaica, for an editorial shoot earlier this year. The best part was the production team buying us fresh coconuts and local mangos. I also got to see parts of the country that I never would have seen had I gone there on my own for vacation.

What was your favorite job you ever booked?
I honestly like them all for different reasons! I loved shooting British Vogue with one of my favorite photographers, Zoe Ghertner. Stunning clothing, beautiful location in California, and an amazing team with Lucinda Chambers styling..

Whenever you are traveling to various jobs, what do you always have with you? 

Besides the obvious must haves of my phone, wallet and modeling portfolio, I love to carry my journal, a good book, water and some fresh or dried fruit. There's often a lot of waiting time running around to castings as well as at airports. If I'm traveling overseas I also like to bring a few meaningful comforts like my rose quartz angel and vanilla rose essential oil.

Modeling can be a lot of wear and tear on your hair, what is your go-to product to help combat the damage? 
I'm obsessed with all things natural and organic for hair and skin care. I love Desert Essences raspberry shine shampoo and coconut moisturizing conditioner. I also do a deep condition treatment on my hair once every so often using Rahua organic conditioner!  

 We cannot wait to see where Ally's journey will take her next. And, of course, we will be there with her every step of the way! 
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