Friday, June 24, 2016

Versace Campaign: Marcus Watts

It's not everyday you get to stroll down the streets with international super model Gigi Hadid...but if happen to be Page Parkes model, Marcus Watts, it's just another day on the job! We sat down with Marcus to hear all about how he was "discovered", and what it was like to book a Versace campaign...with Gigi Hadid...and have it shot by world renown photographer Bruce Weber!!

 How were you discovered?
Page herself actually discovered me! Her nephew and I are good friends so one evening he and I met up with her for dinner. After meeting and talking with her, she decided to sign me to her agency!

What has this journey been like for you?
The journey has been interesting because this was not what I thought I would be doing in my life. I had studied the production side of the industry in school. It's interesting being the one in front of the camera now.

What is one surprising thing about being a model that you did not expect?
I didn't expect that other models would be so nice to one another! I've heard stories in the past that models are so cut-throat in this industry. In my experiences, I have met some very great people who have clicked enough to be lifelong friends.

How was shooting with Gigi and having two “children"?
Shooting with Gigi and the kids was amazing! The kids were very respectful while on set. And Gigi was a sweetheart! We would joke on set with me calling her "Wifey" and she calling me "hubby" lol All around a great time and an unbelievable experience!

Bruce Weber is infamous, what was it like shooting with such an incredible photographer?
Shooting with Bruce was such an honor! He is a good guy and such a talented artist. On his sets, he makes sure everyone is in a comfortable and hospitable environment. We even had a masseuse on set whenever we were feeling tight or wanted to relax! And when he was shooting everything was very natural and when he saw you in an angle or position he liked he would tell you to hold it and snap away on his camera. Such a cool and unforgettable experience!

And one fun one…What’s your favorite ice cream flavor?
My favorite general flavor is chocolate chip cookie dough but if we are getting specific... I love Ben & Jerry's Half Baked!

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